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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2019Additive manufacturing of maraging steel on low alloyed high strength TRIP steelKučerová, Ludmila; Jeníček, Štepán; Zetková, Ivana
2018Application of metallography in characterisation of powders used in additive technologiesKučerová, Ludmila; Zetková, Ivana; Jandová, Andrea; Opatová, Kateřina
2019Combination of press-hardening and isothermal holding in the treatment of high-strength steelJirková, Hana; Opatová, Kateřina; Jeníček, Štěpán; Kučerová, Ludmila
2020Comparison of high strength steels with different aluminium and manganese contents using dilatometryHajšman, Jan; Kučerová, Ludmila; Burdová, Karolína
2020Comparison of microstructure and mechanical properties of additively manufactured and conventional maraging steelKučerová, Ludmila; Kadlecová, Andrea; Zetková, Ivana
2019The Crack Analysis of Fatigue Tested Steel ConstructionBunda, Zbyněk; Kučerová, Ludmila; Kepka, Miloslav
2020The Effect of Cryogenic Treatment on Mechanical Properties, Wear and Corrosion Resistance of Aluminium Alloy AW7075Kučerová, Ludmila; Hájek, Jiří; Vítek, Jan
2020Effect of prior annealing on the microstructure and mechanical properties of thermo-mechanically treated TRIP steelKučerová, Ludmila; Hrdá, Klára; Stehlík, Adam
2018Effect of sample geometry on tensile properties of chomium alloyed middle carbon steelKučerová, Ludmila; Jeníček, Štěpán; Mach, Josef
2019Effect of soaking temperature on the microstructure and mechanical properties of heat treated Al-Si-Nb TRIP steelKučerová, Ludmila; Burdová, Karolína; Stehlík, Adam
2019Evolution of microstructure and texture in FeCoCr(Al, Mn)0.25 magnetic high entropy alloy during thermomechanical processing and its mechanical propertiesAhmed, Zaid; Sathiaraj, Dan; Kumar, Satheesh; Chelvane, Arout; Freudenberger, Jens; Kučerová, Ludmila
2017Heat treatment with bainitic hold of CMnSiAI steelJandová, Andrea; Kučerová, Ludmila; Rubešová, Kateřina
2018High strength steel behaviour at tensile testBystrianský, Martin; Kučerová, Ludmila; Volkmannová, Julie
2020Hybrid parts produced by deposition of 18Ni300 maraging steel viaselective laser melting on forged and heat treated advanced high strength steelKučerová, Ludmila; Zetková, Ivana; Jeníček, Štěpán; Burdová, Karolína
2019Improving the high-temperature properties of a new generation of Fe-Al-O oxide-precipitation-hardened steelsKhalaj, Omid; Jirková, Hana; Janda, Tomáš; Kučerová, Ludmila; Studený, Tomáš; Svoboda, Jiří
2019Influence of cooling rate on microstructure and mechanical properties of 42SiCr steel after Q&P processJanda, Tomáš; Jirková, Hana; Jeníček, Štěpán; Kučerová, Ludmila
2020The influence of varying aluminium and manganese content on the corrosion resistance of high strength steelsHajšman, Jan; Kučerová, Ludmila; Chocholatý, Ondřej
2019Methodology for observation of maraging tool steel after 3D printing using FIB and STEM modeOpatová, Kateřina; Kučerová, Ludmila; Zetková, Ivana
2019Microstructural characterisation and in-situ straining of additive-manufactured X3NiCoMoTi 18-9-5 maraging steelKučerová, Ludmila; Zetková, Ivana; Jandová, Andrea; Bystrianský, Martin
2019Microstructure Analysis and Mechanical Properties of Low Alloyed Steel with Retained Austenite Obtained by Heat TreatmentKučerová, Ludmila; Kadlecová, Andrea; Rubešová, Kateřina