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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2020Advantage of redesign of cooling system 40MW synchronous machinePechánek, Roman; Veg, Lukáš; Sobotka, Lukáš; Franc, J.
2020Algorithm for creating of the equivalent thermal circuit for PMSMSkalický, Martin; Pechánek, Roman; Veg, Lukáš
2021A complex study of stator tooth-coil winding thermal models for PM synchronous motors used in electric vehicle applicationsVeg, Lukáš; Kaska, Jan; Skalický, Martin; Pechánek, Roman
2021Coupled transient thermal analyses of passive cooling traction PMSM from the racing formulaSobotka, Lukáš; Pechánek, Roman; Veg, Lukáš
2020Design of permanent magnet synchronous generator for a wide speed rangeLaksar, Jan; Raab, Zdeněk; Pechánek, Roman
2020Determinations of stator windings thermal model with various filling factorPechánek, Roman; Skalický, Martin; Dražan, Jiří
2018Different approach in thermal modeling of permanent magnet synchronous motorPechánek, Roman; Kindl, Vladimír; Franc, Jiří
2021Impact of number of nodes used in 3D LPTN on the results and computational time of the PMSM validated by FEA and measurementSkalický, Martin; Pechánek, Roman; Sobotka, Lukáš; Veg, Lukáš
2020Inductive coupling system for electric scooter wireless charging: electromagnetic design and thermal analysisKindl, Vladimír; Pechánek, Roman; Zavřel, Martin; Kavalír, Tomáš; Turjanica, Pavel
2020Influence of production tolerances and production technologies on the temperature model of a high-speed synchronous machine with permanent magnetsVeg, Lukáš; Pechánek, Roman
2022Investigation of Natural Ester Insulating Fluid Properties and Thermal Model of a Transformer in Wide Temperature RangeLeffler, Jan; Sobotka, Lukáš; Mokrá, Zdislava; Pechánek, Roman; Trnka, Pavel
2011Magnetic wheel optimization for undercarriage of self-acting robotKindl, Vladimír; Pechánek, Roman; Předota, Antonín
2019Optimization of reluctance motor with printed rotorKaska, Jan; Orosz, Tamás; Karban, Pavel; Doležel, Ivo; Pechánek, Roman; Pánek, David
2020Sensorless control strategy of cooler for reduction dimensions and operating characteristic improvement in double three-phase inverterZavřel, Martin; Kindl, Vladimír; Pechánek, Roman; Franc, Jiří
2022Thermal and Ventilation Analysis of PMSG with a Radial External FanSobotka, Lukáš; Pechánek, Roman; Skalický, Martin; Veg, Lukáš
2022Thermal Models of Various PMSM Rotor TopologiesSkalický, Martin; Pechánek, Roman; Sobotka, Lukáš; Veg, Lukáš
2018Thermal study of permanent magnet direct drive wheel motorČermák, Radek; Pechánek, Roman
2022The Tool for Losses Analysis of Induction Motor Fed by Conveter PWMOtýpka, Jan; Pechánek, Roman; Frank, Zdeněk; Pečínka, Pavel
2020Tuning of the thermal model of synchronous machine with PM by real measurementVeg, Lukáš; Skalický, Martin; Pechánek, Roman
2019Ventilation system with skewed rotor cooling ducts of 40-MW synchronous machine: a case studyFranc, Jiří; Pechánek, Roman; Kindl, Vladimír; Zavřel, Martin