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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2012The Attitude of the Entente Powers to Gyula Peidl’s Government in Hungary (August 1919) – in the Spirit of Distrust, Unwillingness and Information DisorientationTóth, Andrej
2019The Censorship Praxis and the Press Law in the First Czechoslovak Republic and the German and Hungarian MinoritiesNovotný, Lukáš; Tóth, Andrej
2014Count János Esterházy (1901–1957) – short political portrait of leading figure of Czechoslovak Hungarian minority in the Thirtieths of the 20th CenturyTóth, Andrej
2011Deutsche, Ungarn und Slowaken in der Tschechoslowakei zwischen den Weltkriegen: Ein Beitrag zur Geschichte der ersten Tschechoslowakischen RepublikTóth, Andrej; Novotný, Lukáš; Stehlík, Michal
2014On the Results of the Parliamentary Election in Czechoslovakia in 1935 with Regard to the Hungarian Opposition and Negativistic Political Parties – Land Christian-Socialist Party (OKSzP) and Hungarian National Party (MNP)Tóth, Andrej
2014On the Situation of Workers of German and Hungarian Nationality in Czechoslovakia in the Period Immediate after World War II on the Background of Restrictive Legislative Measures (1945–1946)Tóth, Andrej
2016The position of Carpathian Ruthenia in the political system of the first Czechoslovak republic on thebBackground of the issue of parliamentary elections and preferences of main political currents by Carpathian-Ruthenian Voters (1918–1938)Tóth, Andrej
2011Survey of Important Internal Moments of the Process of Birth of the Specifi c Political System of Interwar Hungary (1919–1922)Tóth, Andrej
2017To legislative anchoring of the sugar industry in the newly established Czechoslovak republic (1918–1921)Drábek, Jakub; Tóth, Andrej