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Hladík, Jan
Origins of the Housing Policy in the Czech Lands: the Austrian Housing Policy in the 1852–1918 Period

The subject of the submitted paper is mapping of the gradual formation of the initial framework of the housing policy in Cisleithania, primarily focusing on the Czech lands. The author asks to what degree did the decision-making sphere managed to successfully face the issues t...

Dudzik, Michael
A Pyrrhic Victory

Abolorunde, Ayodele Samuel
Nigerian CivilWar and Britain’s Peace Initiative, 1967–1970

The outbreak of the Nigerian Civil War few years after the attainment of independence from Britain further deepened the interest of the latter in Nigeria’s existence as a nation. Scholars of disciplines such as history, political science and international relations through their works,&...

Vorlíková, Iva
Use of the Complex of the Former Cistercian Abbey in Plasy during the Second Half of the 20th Century

This study discusses utilisation of the complex of the former Cistercian abbey in Plasy during the second half of the 20th century on the basis of published and unpublished sources and specialist literature. The introduction provides information about the historic development of t...