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Recent Submissions

Berger, Aleš
Exploring Former & Modern Views: A Catch-All to Assistive Technology Applications

In life, everyone faces personalized conditions such as ageing, disease, and impairments in hearing, vision, or mobility. In addition, some individuals are born with disabilities that can limit their participation in various areas of life, including work, education, and daily activities. Ass...

Bauerová, Radka , Starzyczná, Halina , Zapletalová, Šárka
Who Are Online Grocery Shoppers?

The acceleration of the digitalisation of grocery shopping is an important trend that shows that this way of sourcing groceries is increasingly accepted by customers. Uncovering, understanding, and describing the differences between online grocery shoppers is interesting from a scientific point&#...

Cantero-Saiz, María , Torre-Olmo, Begoña , Sanfilippo-Azofra, Sergio
Sustainable Banking, Financial Strength and the Bank Lending Channel of Monetary Policy

The aim of this article is to analyse how sustainable banking affects the transmission of monetary policy through the bank lending channel. We also quantify how these effects are determined by the financial strength of each bank. These objectives, which have not been studied p...

Heckenbergerová, Jana , Honková, Irena
Capital Structure Analysis – Theories and Determinants Validation Based on Evidence from the Czech Republic

The optimal capital structure is a key precondition for business, even though the task of defining the optimal capital structure can be difficult. Previous studies present many different and mutually contradictory factors that should be considered with respect to managerial strategic financi...

Muftiasa, Afdol , Wibowo, Lili Adi , Hurriyati, Ratih , Rahayu, Agus
Intellectual Capital and Firm Performance within Telecommunications Industry during the New Normal Era

In the post COVID-2019 era, companies are making a variety of changes to boost their performance. Companies need to understand that rivalry is for physical and intangible assets, such as intellectual capital, when they want to thrive and succeed in the market. Research on the&...