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Recent Submissions

Chocholoušková, Zdeňka , Slavík, Jan , Soukupová, Pavla
Nové poznatky z transdisciplinární didaktiky

The transdisciplinary didactics was includes to undergraduate study of future teachers in primary and secondary schools, but also has been part of bachelor study at Faculty of Education in Pilsen. The contribution is based on the philosophical and theoretical bases transdisciplinary didaktic...

Masopust, Pavel , Kohout, Jiří , Mollerová, Marie , Feřt, Lukáš
Overview of outcomes of project Didaktika - Člověk a příroda A (Didactics - Human and Nature A)

Aim of described research is (was) to determine and suggest how to remove critical spots in lower-secondary physics curriculum. As critical spots we understand the problems with the physics concepts during learning and teaching. We used a multicriterial approach and analyzed basic curri...

Křenová, Zdeňka , Shelly, J Stephen , Chocholoušková, Zdeňka
Methods for monitoring alpine plant phenology: a pilot study in the line Creek Plateau research natural area, USA

Alpine plant phenological traits are studied and several hypotheses about their latitudinal variation are tested within a comparative research project, which is being conducted on groups od plant species for which relationschips are inferred from available phylogenies. The study sites for th...

Mergl, Michal
Lingulate brachiopods of Tremadocian age from the abandoned Gabriela Mine (Krušná Hora, Central Bohemia, Czech Republic)

Lingulate brachiopods are described from a lithic sandstone referred to the upper part of the Třenice Formation. Loose blocks were sampled from a dump of abandoned Gabriela Mine in Krušná Hora Hill near Beroun, Central Bohemia. Apart of the Acrotreta aff. grandis Klouček, 1919,...

Kohout, Jiří , Mollerová, Marie , Masopust, Pavel , Feřt, Lukáš , Slavík, Jan
Kritická místa kurikula na základní škole pohledem mezinárodního šetření TIMSS a českých učitelů – poznatky z fyziky

The aim of this study is to determine which tasks belonging to cognitive domain Physics in TIMSS carried out in 1995, 1999 and 2007 are problematical in terms of low results of Czech students in comparison with international average, to estimate the causes of these result...