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Recent Submissions

Váně, Jan
Masaryk, Weber, and the Czech situation from the Norwegian perspective: an interview with Pål Veiden

Hrešanová, Ema , Glajchová, Alena
Staré a cizí: Zranitelnost a intersekcionalita ve zdravotní péči

This paper seeks to understand what constitutes vulnerability among healthcare users in relations and social interactions with their healthcare providers. While many authors see vulnerability as an intersection of more or less permanent categories, such as gender, sexuality, social class, or ...

Kobes, Tomáš
O sociologické imaginaci

This article discusses the controversy of the sociological imagination as it was developed by Charles Wright Mills and its relevance for the current epistemology of social science. His notion of the sociological imagination has several problems due to the unreflected general prejudice d...

Pařízková, Alena , Clausen, Jette Aaroe
Women on the move: A search for preferred birth services

Background: Women and midwives travel long distances, or abroad, to receive or provide birth services. Travel for birth services is not represented in the existing literature, despite the wide scale research available on medical travel. Aim: We explored the perspectives of women who...

Hasmanová Marhánková, Jaroslava
Places of (in)visibility. LGB aging and the (im)possibilities of coming out to others

Middle and older age are usually ignored in the studies of the processes of coming out. This paper analyses the opportunities, and also the barriers which aging brings to the possibility of articulating one's own sexual identity in relation to others. It presents the life-...