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Benediktová, Lenka
Kreativní aplikace ve výuce přírodopisu

Mobile technologies are becoming a common part of every lesson in elementary schools. Children can work with phones and even tablets. An important part of these technologies is of course the software. In this article we will introduce 2 apps, which can be used by the ...

Frank, Jan , Honzík, Lukáš
Užití programu Geogebra (nejen) ve výuce matematiky na 2. stupni ZŠ

The software of dynamic geometry GeoGebra is currently probably the most commonly used computer software in teaching mathematics at Czech elementary schools. Its main advantages are undoubtedly the environment in Czech (including manual), intuitive control and open-source licenses. Currently are ...

Grolmus, Petr
Statistiky Moodle

This article summarizes the possibilities of monitoring on-line statistics and overviews both from system operation and targeted searching of specific data – eg. usage of Moodle system in a particular academic year, usage of the course by students during the semester, etc. Traffic ...

Zíka, Miroslav
Podpora rozvíjení informatického myšlení elektronickou učebnicí Práce s daty

The paper deals with the electronic textbook called “Práce s daty“, which was created within the project Podpora rozvoje informatického myšlení (PRIM), and was created by a team acting on the Faculty of Education of the University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The paper is b...

Havránková, Tereza
Efektivní nástroje pro formát výuky převrácená třída v hodinách angličtiny

The text is aimed at flipped learning and the implementation in the English language classroom. The first part presents the definition of flipped learning and the outcomes of recent studies. The second part is focused on different tools and applications that help to achieve an...