Recent Submissions

Čuhlová, Renata , Kotíková, Sylvie
Narušení toků přímých zahraničních investic v důsledku krize covid-19 a management obnovy ekonomiky

The paper describes the responses of national economics to the spread of pandemic COVID- 19 in year 2020. As a result of economic and social interconnectedness and dependency of countries, the actions are mutually influential in a great extend. The economic impacts&#x...

Volfová, Monika
Připravenost podniků na vzdělávání zaměstnanců s využitím ICT – porovnání zemí Visegrádské čtyřky

The rapid growth and use of information and communication technology tools affect both private and business activities. In order to maintain their position, companies invest in their employees, especially in their lifelong training in the field of ICT skills development. This pap...

Pevná, Jana
Capital structure of COOP group in the Czech Republic

The aim of this paper is to evaluate the capital structure and its determinants in consumer co- operatives in the Czech Republic. Consumer co-operatives are associated in the COOP Group, which is the largest retail network of food stores in the country. This ...

Stros, Michael , Říha, David
Applied quasi experimental research design in personal sales – a case study

The aim of the following article is to shed some light on the applied quasi experimental research method in personal sales and to provide a practical step-by step guideline for researchers. At the beginning of a customer visit or when entering the shop, a customer&...

Reifová, Jana , Eger, Ludvík
Evaluace komunikace vybraných kosmetických značek na sociálních médiích

The conducted research is focused on the evaluation of the communication of selected Czech cosmetic brands on social media. Social media have become a widely used communication tool in recent years and people are spending more and more time on the Internet. Companies tr...