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Koudela, Lukáš
Numerical analysis of thermoelastic friction clutch

A thermoelastic friction clutch for transferring mechanical torque is proposed and modeled in this paper. The friction force between the driving and driven parts of the system is produced by mechanical stress of thermoelastic origin. The computations of the typical illustrative e...

Pogrebisskiy, Mikhail , Solovjov, Timofey
Influence of a configuration of current leads on uniformity of a temperature field in the resistance furnace with carbon-carbon composite heaters

Mayer, Daniel , Ulrych, Bohuš , Kropík, Petr
Heating of three-phase shielded supply at short circuit

Supplying conductors of high-powered electrical devices are highly stressed mechanically and thermally, in particular at short circuits. Mechanical stress on these conductors can significantly be reduced using wires shielded with steel jackets. On the other hand, the presence of shielding&...

Kondrashov, Vladimir , Pogrebisskiy, Mikhail , Salmanova, Elmira
Development of ways of increase of ore-heating electric furnaces for production of ferroalloys efficiency

Ways of increase of ore-heating electric furnaces, used for production of ferroalloys, efficiency are considered. The advanced system of automatic control of the ore-heating furnace providing improvement of technical and economic indicators of technological process and adaptability to quality&#...

Kuvaldin, Aleksandr , Fedin, Maxim , Generalov, Ivan
Determination electrical parameters lumpy ferromagnetic charge when heated to the Curie point

The article investigates the changes in the electrical parameters of the induction crucible furnace with a ferromagnetic lumpy charge. Methods of research change the settings of the induction furnace with heating to the Curie point was chosen physical modeling as an analytical&#x...