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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2022Effect of Post-Activation Potentiation on Sprint Performance after Combined Electromyostimulation and Back SquatsSari, Cengizhan; Koz, Mitat; Salcman, Václav; Gabryś, Tomasz; Karayigit, Raci
2014The effect of the quality of stereopsis to coordination abilities in children at the age of 6-11Salcman, Václav; Benešová, Daniela; Valach, Petr
2020Effectiveness of resistance training with the use of a suspension system in patients after myocardial infarctionNowak, Agata; Morawiec, Michał; Gabryś, Tomasz; Nowak, Zbigniew; Szmatlan-Gabryś, Urszula; Salcman, Václav
2019Impact of intervention on the development of balance skills in children of younger school ageSalcman, Václav
2019New experiences in language preparation of the double degree programme studentsSalcmanová, Eva; Salcman, Václav
2019The risks associated with the progression of time spent by using mobile multimedia in after-school time among older school-age childrenSalcman, Václav
2023Seasonal Variations in Ocular Axial Length Increase among Children in the Czech RepublicHecová, Lenka; Rusňák, Štěpán; Salcman, Václav; Cendelin, Jiří
2013Skórovací systémy používané v PNP a NNPSalcman, Václav
2020Spatial vision of swimmers and handball players at a younger school ageSalcman, Václav; Blecha, Jan
2022A Thirty-Minute Nap Enhances Performance in Running-Based Anaerobic Sprint Tests during and after Ramadan ObservanceYagin, Fatma Hilal; Eken, Özgür; Bayer, Ramazan; Salcman, Václav; Gabryś, Tomasz; Koc, Hürmüz; Yagin, Burak; Eken, Ismihan