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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
2003Bi-directional rays in global illuminationKelemen, Csaba; Benedek, Balász; Szirmay-Kalos, László; Szécsi, László
2004Efficent approximate visibility testing using occluding spheresSzécsi, László; Szirmay-Kalos, László
2007Fast Filtering and Tone Mapping using Importance samplingTóth, Balázs; Szirmay-Kalos, László
1997Fast opacity control in rendering of volumetric CT dataCsébfalvi, Balázs; Szirmay-Kalos, László; Márton, Gábor
2005Fresnel term approximations for metalsLazániy, István; Szirmay-Kalos, László
2005Go with the winners strategy in path tracingSzirmay-Kalos, László; György, Antal; Sbert, Mateu
2007Isosurface Ray-casting for Autostereoscopic DisplaysDomonkos, Balázs; Egri, Attila; Fóris, Tibor; Juhász, Tamás; Szirmay-Kalos, László
2004Metropolis iteration for global illuminationSzirmay-Kalos, László; Benedek, Balázs; Sbert, Mateu
2004NURBS fairing by knot vector optimizationAszódi, Barnabás; Czuczor, Szabolcs; Szirmay-Kalos, László
1995On average-case complexity of ray tracing algorithmsMárton, Gábor; Szirmay-Kalos, László
1995On convergence and complexity of radiosity algorithmsSzirmay-Kalos, László; Márton, Gábor
2001Parallel Implementation of Stochastic Iteration AlgorithmsMartínez, Roel; Szirmay-Kalos, László; Sbert, Mateu; Abbas, Ali Mohamed
2001Parallel implementation of stochastic iteration algorithmsMartínez, Roel; Szirmay-Kalos, László; Sbert, Mateu; Abbas, Ali Mohamad
2001Progressive light path buildingSzirmay-Kalos, László; Antal, György; Sbert, Mateu
2006Reusing frames in camera animationMéndez-Feliu, Álex; Sbert, Mateu; Szirmay-Kalos, László
2007Robust Diffuse Final Gathering on the GPUUmenhoffer, Tamás; Szirmay-Kalos, László
2001Testing Monte-Carlo Global Illumination Methods with Analytically Computable ScenesSzirmay-Kalos, László; Kovács, László; Abbas, Ali Mohamed
2001Testing Monte-Carlo global illumination methods with analytically computable scenesSzirmay-Kalos, László; Kovács, László; Abbas, Ali Mohamad