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Recent Submissions

Gallego, Neil Patrick del , lIao, Joel
Improving multiple-image super-resolution for mobile devices through image alignment selection

Multiple-image super-resolution (MISR) attempts to recover a high-resolution (HR) image from a set of lowresolution (LR) images. In this paper, we present a mobile MISR tailored to work for a wide range of mobile devices. Our technique aims to address misalignment issues from a...

Castillo, Susana , Cunningham, Douglas W. , Winger, Christian , Breuß, Michael
Morphological amoeba-based patches for exemplar-based inpainting

Inpainting is the process of replacing areas in an image with a perceptually plausible substitution. A common technique is to iteratively match and fill small patches at the edge of the target region making use of similar patches from the same image. Nearly all inpainting ...

Brahimi, Sourour , Ben Aoun, Najib , Ben Amar, Chokri , Benoit, Alexandre , Lambert, Patrick
Multiscale fully convolutional denseNet for semantic segmentation

In the computer vision field, semantic segmentation represents a very interesting task. Convolutional Neural Network methods have shown their great performances in comparison with other semantic segmentation methods. In this paper, we propose a multiscale fully convolutional DenseNet approach for ...

Mylo, Marlon , Klein, Reinhard
Linear subspaces of the appearance space

Manipulating digital optical material representations is still a difficult problem because arbitrary manipulations lead almost certainly to an unrealistic impression of the material. In this paper we present an approach to material editing based on a digital model of the V1-area of the&...

Eaksarayut, Wichayut , Tunwattanapong, Borom
Mesh-based multi-view normal integration with energy minimization using surface reflectance properties

We propose a technique to reconstruct a general 3D object using surface reflectance information from multiple viewpoints. Our core optimization framework uses multi-view normal integration, which can recovers water-tight surface of the object iteratively in a coarse to fine manner. The integ...