Applied and Computational Mechanics


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Recent Submissions

Zeman, Vladimír , Hlaváč, Zdeněk
Generalized modal reduction method for the dynamic analysis ofrotating mechanical systems

The paper proposes modal reduction method of the dynamic systems composed of linear nonconservative sub-systems coupled by nonlinear discrete couplings. Classical approach to the modal reduction is based on thetransformation of the generalized coor...

Vychytil, Jan , Špirk, Stanislav
Numerical analysis of passenger kinematics and injury risks during a railway vehicle collision: The effect of safety belts

The aim of this paper is to contribute to investigation of passive safety of passengers in railway vehicles using numerical simulations. At first, a typical interior of a railway vehicle is created in the Virtual Performance Solution software. It includes finite element models of&#...

Rizov, Victor
Longitudinal fracture of inhomogeneous beams with material non-linearity: An analytical investigation

This paper describes an analytical approach for analysing of longitudinal fracture in beam structures which exhibit smooth material inhomogeneity along the height and length. A solution to the strain energy release rate is derived for a general loading scheme assuming non-linear mechanical&#...

Klanner, Michael , Katrin, Ellermann
Steady-state linear harmonic vibrations of multiple-stepped Euler-Bernoulli beams under arbitrarily distributed loads carrying any number of concentrated elements

In this paper, general beam vibration problems with several attachments under arbitrarily distributed harmonic loading are solved. A multiple-stepped beam is modelled by the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory and an extension of an efficient numerical method called Numerical Assembly Technique (NAT) is&...

Gumare, Shantaram M. , Atteshamuddin Shamshuddin, Sayyad
Analytical solutions for the hygro-thermo-mechanical bending of FG beams using a new fifth order shear and normal deformation theory

Anew analytical solution is presented for functionally graded (FG) beams to investigate the bending behaviour under the hygro-thermo-mechanical loading using a new fifth order shear and normal deformation theory (FOSNDT). The material properties of the FG beam are varied along the thickness&...