Title: Využití scoring modelu při hodnocení dodavatelů v průmyslových podnicích v ČR
Other Titles: Use of scoring model in the assessment of suppliers in manufacturing companies in the Czech republic
Authors: Benediktová, Dagmar
Žižka, Miroslav
Citation: Trendy v podnikání = Business trends : vědecký časopis Fakulty ekonomické ZČU v Plzni. 2016, č. 2, s. 12-19.
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: článek
URI: http://www.fek.zcu.cz/tvp/doc/akt/2-2016-clanek-2.pdf
ISSN: 1805-0603
Keywords: výrobní společnost;scoring model;vyhodnocení dodavatelů;vážený součet
Keywords in different language: manufacturing company;scoring model;supplier assessments;weighted sum approach
Abstract in different language: The article deals with the use of scoring model in the assessment of suppliers in manufacturing companies. It is based on the authors´ own survey in which it was investigated whether the frequency of scoring model preference varies in companies operating in the automotive industry and in companies that utilize the scoring model, use only the model itself or complement it with other methods, or with graphical representations. Scoring model is a method of assessing suppliers according to certain predetermined criteria which may also be attached different weight according to the needs of assessing companies. When using this model, each potential supplier assesses itselves based on the predetermined common criteria (the most commonly used are price, quality, payment, warranty and service, discount options, reliability and the quickness of deliveries). The total score is obtained by weighted sum approach. The advantage of the model is its relatively low time consumption. The research aiming to check the use of scoring model as a method of supplier assessment was based on a semi-structured questionnaire which was distributed among 250 manufacturing companies. Thereafter, 100 completed questionnaires were returned and the analysis was made. The results are discussed in the article. Based on the investigation, which was then statistically evaluated, it was found that, in the Czech republic, scoring model is rarely used method of supplier assessment. Only 9% of manufacturing companies of the surveyed group used this method. However, the survey failed to detect a significant difference between companies operating in the automotive industry and in other industries. It was also found that companies using the scoring model as a sole method of supplier assessment slightly prevailed in comparison to companies combining the scoring model with other methods. In fewer cases, this method was combined either with scores or with the ABC method. In all cases, graphical representation was used when assessing suppliers by scoring model.
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