Title: Soldiers and money: an attempt at reforming the customs service and reinforcing the army in the British North American colonies in the years of 1763–1764
Authors: Soukup, Jaromír
Citation: West Bohemian Historical Review. 2017, no. 2, p. 223-237.
Issue Date: 2017
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
Document type: článek
URI: https://khv.zcu.cz/about/research/vbhr/archiv.html
ISSN: 1804-5480
Keywords: Velká Británie;Severní Amerika;kolonie;armáda;Zákon o cukru z roku 1764
Keywords in different language: Great Britain;North America;colonies;army;Sugar act of 1764
Abstract in different language: This study focuses on changes in British colonial policy and politics after the Seven Years’ War in North America. It deals primarily with the transformation of British economic policy towards its colonies. After the Seven Years’ War, the United Kingdom sought funds to strengthen defence of the newly acquired territories in North America. In 1764 the British parliament approved of the Sugar Act that tightened the customs service in America. The money raised by this law should have gone to the protection of the British Empire in North America. The study analyses the reasons for the transformation of British politics after the Seven Years’ War, as well as the impact of this policy on the relation between the mother country and its colonies in North America.
Rights: © Západočeská univerzita v Plzni
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Číslo 2 (2017)

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