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Gabryś, Tomasz , Stanula, Arkadiusz , Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula , Garnys, Michal , Charvát, Luboš , Gupta, Subir
Metabolic and Cardiorespiratory Responses of Semiprofessional Football Players in Repeated Ajax Shuttle Tests and Curved Sprint Tests, and Their Relationship with Football Match Play

In this study, the Ajax Shuttle Test (AST) and the Curved Sprint Test (CST) were conducted on semiprofessional football players to evaluate (1) their test performance, (2) the extent of anaerobic glycolysis by measuring blood lactate, (3) performance decrement and onset of fatigue, ...

Gabryś, Tomasz , Stanula, Arkadiusz , Gubta, Subir , Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula , Benešová, Daniela , Wicha, Łukasz , Baron, Jakub
A comparative study on the performance profile of under-17 and under-19 handball players trained in the sports school system

This study evaluates the anatomical profiles, jump, sprint, power outputs, endurance, and peak blood lactate levels ([LA](peak)) of handball players of two age groups-U17 (n = 77) and U19 (n = 46)-and analyses the role of training in their physical abilities. Vertical jump performa...

Salcman, Václav , Benešová, Daniela , Valach, Petr
The effect of the quality of stereopsis to coordination abilities in children at the age of 6-11

At present, spontaneous physical activities in younger school children are decreased, while the movement behaviour of man is one of the determining prerequisites for its success in dayto- day activities. The goal of our pilot study is to determine whether there exists a relationshi...

Nowak, Agata , Morawiec, Michał , Gabryś, Tomasz , Nowak, Zbigniew , Szmatlan-Gabryś, Urszula , Salcman, Václav
Effectiveness of resistance training with the use of a suspension system in patients after myocardial infarction

The aim of the study was to assess the effects of resistance training with the use of a suspension system on exercise tolerance, evaluated through an exercise test, and the changes in selected echocardiographic parameters of patients after myocardial infarction. The study involved ...

Salcman, Václav
The risks associated with the progression of time spent by using mobile multimedia in after-school time among older school-age children

Modern multimedia, specifically tablets and mobile phones, are currently an integral part of the everyday life of older school-age children (12-15 years). Intensive use of multimedia is associated with a great number of positive aspects (quick source of information, social contacts, etc.),&#...