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Gabryś, Tomasz , Stanula, Arkadiusz , Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula , Garnys, Michal , Charvát, Luboš , Gupta, Subir
Metabolic and Cardiorespiratory Responses of Semiprofessional Football Players in Repeated Ajax Shuttle Tests and Curved Sprint Tests, and Their Relationship with Football Match Play

In this study, the Ajax Shuttle Test (AST) and the Curved Sprint Test (CST) were conducted on semiprofessional football players to evaluate (1) their test performance, (2) the extent of anaerobic glycolysis by measuring blood lactate, (3) performance decrement and onset of fatigue, ...

Gabryś, Tomasz , Stanula, Arkadiusz , Gubta, Subir , Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula , Benešová, Daniela , Wicha, Łukasz , Baron, Jakub
A comparative study on the performance profile of under-17 and under-19 handball players trained in the sports school system

This study evaluates the anatomical profiles, jump, sprint, power outputs, endurance, and peak blood lactate levels ([LA](peak)) of handball players of two age groups-U17 (n = 77) and U19 (n = 46)-and analyses the role of training in their physical abilities. Vertical jump performa...

Nowak, Agata , Morawiec, Michał , Gabryś, Tomasz , Nowak, Zbigniew , Szmatlan-Gabryś, Urszula , Salcman, Václav
Effectiveness of resistance training with the use of a suspension system in patients after myocardial infarction

The aim of the study was to assess the effects of resistance training with the use of a suspension system on exercise tolerance, evaluated through an exercise test, and the changes in selected echocardiographic parameters of patients after myocardial infarction. The study involved ...

Švátora, Karel , Špottová, Petra , Fajfrlíková, Tereza
Comparison of somatic characteristics and motion prerequisites between children who perform organized physical activities, and children not engaged in sports

Low physical activity in children of pre-school and younger school age has been a multifaceted problem for several years, which is being addressed by a number of scientists, primarily doctors, educationalists, and psychologists. The purpose of our study is to compare somatic and mo...

Mitáš, Josef , Frömel, Karel , Valach, Petr , Suchomel, Aleš , Vorlíček, Michal , Groffik, Dorota
Secular trends in the achievement of physical activity guidelines: indicator of sustainability of healthy lifestyle in Czech adolescents

Background: The increasing socio-economic and educational demands on adolescents should be reflected in their lifestyles accordingly. The aim of the study was therefore to identify the trends in the achievement of physical activity (PA) guidelines by Czech adolescents through objective and s...

Frömel, Karel , Groffik, Dorota , Mitáš, Josef , Dygrýn, Jan , Valach, Petr , Šafář, Michal
Active travel of Czech and Polish adolescents in relation to their well-being: support for physical activity and health

The adoption of active travel (AT) habits in adolescence, supported by positive emotions, increases the chances of a lifelong positive attitude towards AT. The aim of this study was to assess the associations between active travel and well-being (WB), and to estimate the share ...

Gabryś, Tomasz , Szmatlan-Gabrys, Urszula , Stanula, Arkadiusz
The direction of the changes of rates of the internal and external training load under the influence of high-altitude hypoxia on mountain bikers

Benešová, Daniela , Švátora, Karel
Influence of increase of sensomotor task difficulty on neural system arousal and motoric performance

Koudelková, Adéla , Knappová, Věra
Pohybová terapie a její přínos u jinak zrakově disponovaného dítěte s onkologickou anamnézou

This study deals with the evaluation of motor development level and its changes in a child with oncological disease, depending on the undertaken motion program. The implementation of the program is in our case study influenced by the ongoing optic glioma (tumor of the optic&#x...

Mitáš, Josef , Dygrýn, Jan , Rubín, Lukáš , Křen, Filip , Vorlíček, Michal , Nykodým, Jiří , Řepka, Emil , Bláha, Ladislav , Suchomel, Aleš , Feltlová, Dana , Klimtová, Hana , Valach, Petr , Frömel, Karel
Multifaktoriální výzkum zastavěného prostředí, aktivního životního stylu a tělesné kondice české mládeže: Design a metodika projektu

Background: Previous studies have confirmed the relationship between the built environment and the physical activity of the adult population. However, research to address this relationship in children and adolescents is limited. World-recognized patterns of behavioral change neglect physical fitness a...

Novák, Jaroslav , Votík, Jaromír , Štork, Milan , Zeman, Václav
Srovnání normativů tělesné zdatnosti čs. populace z r. 1976 se současnou sportující a nesportující populací

BACKGROUND: Results of national physical fitness survey of Czechoslovak population were published in 1976. The survey was part of International Biological Program IBP. The results are used as standards for evaluating fitness level and cardio-respiratory capacity of subjects till now. OBJECTIVES:&...

Votík, Jaromír , Lavička, Jan
K problematice vzdělanostní struktury hráčů fotbalu

The education level of the population is generally of growing importance. It is an essential element of social and economic growth of society and individuals. The very specific problem is the education of the active, primarily elite (professional) sportsmen influencing their current per...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 12 of 12