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Chýlová, Helena
Dynamika jazyka současných vlogerů a youtuberů

In the article, the author takes a look at characteristic features of language of contemporary vloggers and youtubers, specifies voth types of language users among the web environment and tries to express their characteristics: ties to environment and a topic, up-to-date and invidualize...

Čechová, Marie
Některé přežívající mýty o češtině

The paper presents outdated but still quite widely known and applied solutions of language problems. These solutions are applied in accordance with outdated reference in some handbooks or texbooks. Judging by solutions of language tasks in the final of Czech Language Olympics, these...

Čechová, Marie
Historické perspektivy výuky češtiny aneb nadějné vyhlídky v minulosti

The aim of this paper is to provide an explanation of the school reform prepared in the 1970s and implemented in the next two decades of the last century, with regard to the preparation of the current concept of teaching Czech. It could take advantage of the opp...

Hrdlička, Milan
Proč čtyři roky, ale pět let?

The article deals with using the nouns rok ("year" - jeden rok, čtyři roky - one year, four years) and léta ("year" - pět let, několik let) after cardinal and ordinal numerals.

Valach, Petr , Vašíčková, Jana , Frömel, Karel , Jakubec, Lukáš , Chmelík, František , Svozil, Zbyněk
Is academic achievement reflected in the level of physical activity among adolescents?

The objective of this study was to investigate the differences in the volume and intensity of physical activity (PA) between girls and boys with different levels of academic achievement (AA) throughout individual segments of a school day. In all, 136 girls and 76 boys aged...