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Recent Submissions

Vaňková, Michaela
Persepolis po česku: Neslyšené hlasy íránských žen žijících u nás

The work deals with Iranian women in the Czech Republic, aiming to find out how the position and social status of these researched women in Czech society are to a large extent shaped and influenced by the culture of the country of their origin. The article follows&#x...

Kollárová, Alexandra
DisORIENTation: Ethnography of Power in the Visual Art Scene of Marrakech

The aim of the dissertation thesis DisORIENTation: Ethnography of Power in the Visual Art Scene of Marrakech is to describe and analyse the field of contemporary visual art in Marrakech within a specific time, where the author is taking into account the Western forms of d...

Kadlecová, Šárka
What is to remember: Construction of cultural memory at the Ravensbrück Memorial

The dissertation deals with the politics of memory related to the Nazi violence during the Second World War. The subject of study is the construction of the cultural memory at the Ravensbrück Memorial, situated on the site of a former women?s concentration camp, and the c...

Fárová, Nina
Etnografie základního školství v ČR ? vytváření představ o ?správném? mužském vzoru

The aim of this dissertation is to critically evaluate the perceived need for more male teachers and describe and explain the functioning of the gender order in elementary schools in terms of structural (dis)advantages of men in it. I combined several methods in my ethnographi...

Bednárová, Lenka
Gender,rodina a banánové děti

This dissertation brings a view of young Vietnamese living in the Czech Republic and puts them in their immediate environment - the Vietnamese family. We can say that the family is as a bearer of culture, a unit of socialization that constructs an individual's view of...