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Benda, Libor
Akademie, politika a akademie jako politika: Ke kritice „rozšířeného“ pojetí akademické svobody

There has been a significant growth of interest in the topic of academic freedom in recent years, predominantly with regard to the emergence of several new and unprecedented phenomena within the academic environment that allegedly threaten or directly undermine academic freedom both on&...

Paitlová, Jitka , Jedlička, Petr
Objektivní poznání v kontextu naturalizace filosofie

In the paper, we analyze several key philosophical approaches to objective knowledge (Descartes, Kant), which we described as “speculative”, that is theoretical and independent of experience. Our interpretation is based on the argument that the demarcation between speculative philosophy and empir...

Papanikolaou, Elli
Walter Charleton’s Theory of Matter: How Politics and Scientific Societies Influenced his Works

This paper investigates how the politics and the scientific societies influenced Walter Charleton’s matter theory. Initially, the study refers to two different historical theories of analysis of Charleton’s theory of matter, explaining, through the analysis of his most well-known works, why ...

Jedlička, Petr , Paitlová, Jitka
Objektivita přírodních věd pohledem experimentální filosofie

Objectivity, as one of the key attributes of science, has become an indispensable part of its ethos and a central theme of the philosophy of science. As such, it has been the subject of philosophical reflection by a number of authors. In our project – in which b...

Blahutková, Daniela
Arnold Gehlen o umění, společnosti a posthistoire

Romportl, Jan
Naturalness and Artificiality Revisited Through Natural Infinity

Ševčík, Miloš
Laskavost a hořkost humoru v úvahách Louise Cazamiana

Doubravová, Jarmila
The Future of Past of the Czech Association of the Club of Rome

Polák, Michal , Marvan, Tomáš
How to Mitigate the Hard Problem by Adopting the Dual Theory of Phenomenal Consciousness

In this paper, we propose the following hypothesis: the hard problem of consciousness is in part an artifact of what we call the unitary approach to phenomenal consciousness. The defining mark of the unitary approach is that it views consciousness and phenomenality as inseparable.&...

Hanke, Miroslav
Proměny ockhamistické teorie idejí

The study addresses different accounts of divine ideas within scholastic nominalism between the fourteenth and seventeenth centuries (the sample includes William Ockham and the reception of his work by Biel, Mair, and Arriaga). The basic topics within that tradition are the logico-semantical...

Špiclová, Zdeňka
Legenda o Judovi Dvojčeti: Analýza apokryfních tomášenských textů

Early Christian had long known the old Syrian tradition that identified the Apostle Thomas, known also as Thomas Judas Didymos, as Jesus' brother Judas and moreover, this tradition considered him, accordig to his sobriquet Thomas (Aramaic for twin) and Didymos (in Greek also me...

Hanzelínová, Lada
Czech Academic Etiquette

Although the academic etiquette is daily applied in the world of academia and international conferences, it still remains a largely uncharted territory. Some coded rules emerged with the establishment of first universities in the 12th century; at present, some specific rules are directl...

Kastnerová, Martina
Viatori in continens: Intelektuální kruh rodiny Sidney a střední Evropa (Andreas Dudith, Johannes Sambucus)

Intellectual and literary circles, communities, and networks were a significant feature of Renaissance and early modern literary culture, playing a crucial part in nurturing intellectual communication and the circulation of knowledge. My contribution here is to focus on the particular intellectua...

Tomiczková, Světlana , Milsimerová, Aneta
Motivation of a student in geometry courses at the faculty of mechanics

In this article, we describe how David Hilbert (1862–1943) understood the arithmetisation of geometry in the book Grundlagen der Geometrie from 1899. First, we introduce Hilbert’s forerunners from the same period who were either asking for changes in the foundations of geometry or ...

Paitlová, Jitka
Das Wertfreiheitsproblem und die Holzwege des Positivismusstreits

Chen, Shih-Hsun , Fu, Tzu-Keng
An Authoritative Attitude to the Limits of Scientific Research

In this paper, we defend the value free ideal (VFI) in the philosophy of science by extending Stephen John’s argument. We do so by showing that the methodological critique about VFI is unsatisfactory and offering an alternative solution by arguing that endorsing the so-called ...

Couprie, Dirk L.
Anaxagoras on the Light and Phases of the Moon

This paper is a sequel of “Anaxagoras on the Milky Way and Lunar Eclipses” (Couprie 2017). Doxographic reports state that, according to Anaxagoras, the moon receives its light from the sun. Most authors understand it as meaning “the moon reflects the light of the sun”. Th...

Funda, Otakar
Die Entstehung des Christlichen Glaubens

Benda, Libor
Collins, Harry (2017): Gravity’s Kiss: The Detection of Gravitational Waves. Cambridge (Mass.): MIT Press. 408 s. ISBN 978-0-262-03618-4.

Couprie, Dirk L.
Anaxagoras on the Milky Way and Lunar Eclipses

Anaxagoras is commonly known as the discoverer of the true explanation of eclipses of the moon as caused by the earth’s shadow. Anaxagoras is also said to have explained the phenomenon of the Milky Way as caused by the earth’s shadow. In this paper, the two theories&...

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