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Leffler, Jan , Trnka, Pavel
Failures of Electrical Machines-Review

In general, there are many types of electrical rotating machines and transformers within various classes of power range and duty cycles. These machines are operated under either industrial or civil conditions. It is a matter of fact that every machine can eventually fail and b...

Dragoun, Jaroslav , Vinš, Martin , Sirový, Martin
Synchronous Generator Active and Reactive Power Oscilations Reduction by BESS

In the presented paper, we address the threats arising from the negative transient effects in the electrical grid and we propose ways how to decrease their negative effect on the synchronous generator. The proposed solution uses BESS installed in the common electrical node with...

Minich, R. , Kepka jr., M. , Kepka, M.
Assessment of the fatigue life of a city bus

Talla, Jakub , Streit, Luboš , Janouš, Štěpán , Suchý, Ondřej
LQR Control of Input LC filter of a Tram with On-board Energy Storage System

The main traction power converter of a trams is connected to DC trolley wire by input LC filter. The tram input LC filter is almost undamped resonant circuit, which is often loaded by the motor constant torque command. Sources of the input LC filter osc...

Pittermann, Martin , Blahnik, Vojtěch , Straka, Miloš
Model Study of Cooperating Traction Substations at 25 kV Traction Catenary without Superior Power Distribution Control

This paper describes the results of the model study for traction system 25 kV / 50 Hz, which is built on an advanced traction substation with a rail active balancer and phase shifting device. The first part of this paper is described traction substation...

Kehl, Zdeněk , Glasberger, Tomáš , Poláček, Libor
Design of New Generation of Binary IO Card for Modular Microprocessor Control System

A new generation of binary input/output card for a modular control system is introduced in this paper. The primary purpose of the proposed binary input/output card is high integration of the number of 32 binary input and output channels. The individual binar...

Hirman, Martin , Navrátil, Jiří , Steiner, František , Hamáček, Aleš
Higher Temperature Washing of Electrically Connected SMD Components onto the Textile Ribbons

This article addresses the higher temperature washing reliability research of interconnection technique for mounting SMD (surface mounted device) components onto conductive stretchable textile ribbons. It can be concluded that both tested interconnection technologies (i.e. low-temperature soldering and adhesive...

Balabán, Jan , Blecha, Tomáš
Textile Sensor for Skin Hydration Measurement

This paper deals with the design and realization of capacitive textile sensors for skin hydration measurement. Skin hydration level is an important parameter for the healthy condition of the body and is also often used in dermatology and cosmetology. Many commercial devices are kno...

Rostás, Kateřina , Navrátil, Jiří , Soukup, Radek , Moravcová, Daniela
The Influence of Washing Cycles on the Conductive Threads Used in E-textiles

E-textiles and smart textiles have already reached a certain stage of development. Nowadays, smart textiles designed for medicine or sports have been developed to be worn directly on the body, just like conventional textiles. This is the reason, why e-textiles and smart textiles sh...

Michal, David , Janda, Martin , Řeboun, Jan
Analysis and Sintering Optimization of Nanoparticle Paste with High Silver Content

This paper deals with analysis, testing, and process optimization of new nanoparticle silvering paste with high silver content. Specifically, on ceramic substrates with printed conductive patterns created by thick film technology. Sintering is currently one of the most anticipated ways of co...

Rous, Pavel , Pavlozas, Antonios Dionysios , Steiner, František
Influence of PCB Surface Finishes on Intermetallic Compound Growth

This article presents research focused on the intermetallic compound growing under different conditions. The quality of solder joints depends on many factors, one of which is the thickness of the intermetallic layer and its composition. Combination of multiple reflow processes which is ...

Radouchová, Michaela , Suchý, Stanislav , Blecha, Tomáš
Embroidered Flexible Elastic Textile Antenna as Strain Sensor

This paper is focused on the design and testing of embroidered flexible elastic textile antennas for strain sensing based on the evaluation of changes in their electrical parameters. Samples of planar textile antennas for strain sensing were prepared by embroidered technology on elastic...

Janda, Martin , Rostás, Kateřina , Pretl, Silvan , Řeboun, Jan
Method of Connecting Printed and Embroidered Conductive Paths in Smart Textiles

This paper proposes a method of connecting conductive paths realized by embroidering and printing in smart textiles. The embroidering of conductive threads offers great electrical conductivity and the level of integration while technologies of printed electronics offer the realization of fine...

Blecha, Tomáš , Moravcová, Daniela
Methods for the Capacity Increasing of Textile Capacitors

In smart textiles, there is an effort to create electronic elements directly as part of the carrier fabric, where conductive threads are used for their construction. Planar capacitors are electronic components that can be implemented using textile technologies. Their disadvantages are relati...

Janda, Martin , Pretl, Silvan , Michal, David , Řeboun, Jan
Examination of Wet Assembling Methods in Printed Flexible Electronics

This paper examines two methods of assembling electronics SMD components on flexible substrates with low-temperature resistance. As a contact medium for interconnection between component and conductive pattern, conductive adhesive MG Chemicals 8331S-15G or conductive Ag printing paste DuPont PE 874&#x...

Kalčík, Jan , Soukup, Radek
Ultrasonic Welded Textile Thermocouples

This article deals with the problems of fabrication and testing of textile thermocouples. Thermocouples were made by ultrasonic welding of hybrid conductive constantan and copper threads. The embroidered thermocouple samples were realized by a 3-point crossing of threads and a 9-point crossi...

Navrátil, Jiří , Šíma, Karel , Řeřicha, Tomáš , Hamáček, Aleš
Preparation and Application of Carbon Nanotubes Ink for Aerosol Jet Printing System

The paper deals with the carbon nanotubes ink preparation and its application for Aerosol Jetprinting system. Aerosol Jetprinter allows using wide range ofmaterials within the meaning of their viscosity, particle size or used solvents. The carbon allotropes (structurally different forms of c...

Šíma, Karel , Štulík, Jiří , Šlauf, Josef , Blecha, Tomáš , Hamáček, Aleš
Investigation of π stacking functionalization of carbon allotropes for RH sensing

This paper is focused on the noncovalent functionalization of CNT by π stacking of molecules for relative humidity (RH) sensing. This type of functionalization is not used frequently, but it potentially offers a simple way how to control the level of functionalization of the c...

Janda, Martin , Syrový, Tomáš , Pretl, Silvan , Vik, Robert , Řeboun, Jan
Characterization of printed thermistors

This paper deals with the characterization of printed thermistors based on metallic oxides. In total, three different thermosensitive printing formulations were tested. Formulations differed in the mechanical properties of a polymeric binder. The long-term stability, calibration curves, hysteresis, and...

Suchý, Stanislav , Moučková, Kateřina , Soukup, Radek
Testing of novel textile capacitive pressure sensors intended for healthcare applications

The paper deals with the design, fabrication and testing of the textile pressure sensors that operate on the principle of capacity change. The sensors, which are based on a multi-layer sandwich arrangement of textile layers, are intended for healthcare applications. The article describe...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 329