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Štěpánek, Jan , Bednář, Bedřich , Drábek, Pavel
Verification of the current load capacity of the MOSFET transistor for low-voltage application using temperature estimation

This paper deals with the verification of the maximum current rating of MOSFET transistors in a discrete package TO-247AC. The main motivation for this analysis was the redesign of AC power drive chain for electric go kart with three phase power converter of the output no...

Krejčová, M. , Světlík, P.
Feedback control of myosin head

Janouš, Štěpán , Košan, Tomáš , Talla, Jakub , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Improved accuracy of model predictive control of induction motor drive using FPGA

Finite control set model predictive control (FCS-MPC) is one of successful model predictive control approaches in electric drives which offers effective solution to multi variable multi criteria problems. The optimal control is found by “brute force” search over the limited set of possi...

Kroneisl, Michal , Šmídl, Václav , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Adaptation of predictive acoustic noise control of IM drive to variable operating conditions

Finite control set MPC of IM drive is known to produce a spread spectrum of the stator currents. Spectrum of the acoustic noise also exhibits higher spread than that of the PWM which may be perceived as more pleasant sound by humans. Predictive acoustic noise control ...

Gevorkov, Levon , Šmídl, Václav , Sirový, Martin , Rassõlkin, Anton , Kallaste, Ants , Vaimann, Toomas
Model for torque estimation of pump system with horizontal pipe network

This paper investigates the possibility of torque estimation of Centrifugal Pump System (CPS) with horizontal pipe network topology. It illustrates the concept of a model-based scheme for hydraulic system simulation. The simulation model developed for CPS takes into consideration the hydraulic&#x...

Zavřel, Martin
Návrh a realizace kompenzačního kondenzátoru bezdrátového přenosu energie s rezonanční vazbou

In this paper is described compensating capacitor for series-series wireless power transfer system. Description is focused on important capacitors parameters and on precision design of capacitor. The design is done in plate-capacitor topology with emphasis on high capacity density, high applicabl...

Lovecký, Martin , Závorka, Jiří , Jiřičková, Jana , Škoda, Radek
Burnable absorber layer in HTR coated particles for OTTO fuel cycle

High temperature reactor is loaded by fuel pebbles that slowly flow through the reactor core. Reactor operation is described by a continuous on-power refueling with two possible fuel cycles. Multi-pass scheme allows lower peak power density. Moreover, multiple passing through the core s...

Pittermann, Martin , Fořt, Jiří , Diesl, Jan , Pavlíček, Vladimír
Optimal SRM-control algorithm to achieve maximum torque and real converter limits

The paper deals with an “optimal” control algorithm for switched reluctance motor (SRM). The principle of this control method is based on a maximal torque per ampere (MTPA) criterion which prefers the maximal average value of torque, regardless of the torque ripple, in compare ...

Votava, Martin , Glasberger, Tomáš , Peroutka, Zdeněk
Predictive real time minimization of power losses with improved space vector preselection algorithm

The proposed control algorithm is focused on reducing and redistribution of power losses among the transistors and diodes in a dual (open winding load) converter. The proposed method combines a space vector PWM (SVPWM) with a finite control set model predictive control (MPC). The&#...

Talla, Jakub , Košan, Tomáš , Blahník, Vojtěch
FOC - based speed control algorithms of induction motor drive with system parameter mismatch

The field oriented control algorithms (FOC) of induction motor (IM) drives are generally sensitive to model parameter mismatch. Especially, the proper flux orientation and flux amplitude is influenced by the rotor/stator resistance values. Moreover, the rotor and stator resistances are tempe...

Veg, Lukáš , Laksar, Jan
Thermal model of high-speed synchronous motor created in MATLAB for fast temperature check

This article is focused on computational modeling of the temperature increase of the high-speed permanent magnet motor. The main aim is to create the calculation program. The program is based on parametric motor model. The methodology of calculation is the Lumped Parameter Thermal ...

Hruška, Karel , Laksar, Jan , Šobra, Jan
The determination of iron core loss characteristics of special electrical steel types

The paper compares characteristics of three steel types - one standardized in EN 10106 (M235-35A) and two special steel alloys - Arnon5 and Hiperco 50. The iron core loss characteristics are derived to describe the dependence of loss number on magnetic flux density and frequen...

Kotlan, Václav , Karban, Pavel , Doležel, Ivo
Induction clamping of high-revolution tools by rotation in a system of unmovable permanent magnets

An alternative way of induction clamping is described, consisting in heating of the sleeve by its rotation in static magnetic field generated by suitably arranged permanent magnets. The most important dimensions of the heating system are optimised with the aim to reach the required...

Frank, Zdeněk , Hruška, Karel
Design, construction and measurement of an educational synchronous machinery

The paper deals with a complete manufacture of a synchronous machinery for educational purposes. The main target of the design is creation of a machinery which clearly shows all constructional components of used machines, its overall dimensions allow easy transportation between education...

Laksar, Jan , Veg, Lukáš
Reduced Schwarz-Christoffel conformal mapping in surface-mounted PMSM

Schwarz-Christoffel conformal mapping method is widely used in modeling of air gap flux density distribution of electrical machines. It should not be as time consuming as definition and calculation of the finite element model but provides results with high accuracy. Also the improved&#x...

Čermák, Radek , Pechánek, Roman
Thermal study of permanent magnet direct drive wheel motor

This work deals with thermal design of permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The designed motor is the in-wheel traction motor for automotive. The motor consist of an external rotor and inner stator with water cooling system. The thermal calculation is based on the simplified&...

Blahník, Vojtěch , Košan, Tomáš , Talla, Jakub
Electromagnetic interference of single-phase AC-DC traction converter

The main goal of this paper is to analyze a low harmonic interferences of ac-dc traction converter and the influence of selected signals. In this case, the ac-dc converter is based on H-bridge topology. This type of converter is important part of a majority modern ac ...

Šobra, Jan , Kavalír, Tomáš , Křížek, Michal , Skala, Bohumil
Experimental verification of the finite element analysis of an induction machine with implemented static eccentricity fault

The paper deals with the experimental verification of vibration frequency spectra of squirrel-cage induction machine having implemented static eccentricity fault. The measured data are compared to the theoretical presumptions and the transient finite element analysis of the measured machine. Measureme...

Pechánek, Roman , Kindl, Vladimír , Franc, Jiří
Different approach in thermal modeling of permanent magnet synchronous motor

This work deals with different methods of thermal modelling of the stator winding in a slot. The analyzed machine is a permanent magnet synchronous motor (PMSM). The simplified lumped thermal model and model parameters are described. The finite element methods model is set up ...

Pittermann, Martin , Fořt, Jiří , Diesl, Jan , Pavlíček, Vladimír
Converters for switched reluctance motor - topology comparison

The paper deals with the comparison of SRMconverter topologies, focusing on comparing the number and the dimensioning of semiconductor elements for the medium power engine (from approx. a hundred watts to tens of kW). The paper considers basic well-known configurations (e.g. an asymmetr...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 61