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Georgiev, Vjačeslav , Zich, Jan
LHC Clock Conditioning Circuit for AFP Trigger Module

The timing and synchronisation of the detectors in particle physics play the key role due to the high event rates at particle accelerators. The trigger module in ATLAS Forward Physics project ...

Yanna, Venkata Subba Rao , Kumar Bhajana, V.V.Subrahmanya , Drábek, Pavel , Popuri, Madhuchandra
A Novel Soft-Switching Bidirectional DC-DC Converter for Energy Storage Applications

In this paper, a soft-switching bidirectional DC-DC converter is proposed. In order to achieve soft-switching conditions ZVS turn on / ZCS turn off, the auxiliary circuit including a switch, a capac...

Vrba, Jan , Mareš, Jan
ROC Analysis of Extreme Seeking Entropyfor Trend Change Detection

This paper is dedicated to the evaluation ofthe ROC curve of recently introduced Extreme SeekingEntropy algorithm. The ROC curve is evaluated for atrend change in the signal that contains additive Gaussiannoise. The resulting ROC curve of the Extreme SeekingEntropy algorithm is compared ...

Vrba, Jan , Mareš, Jan
Computational Performance of the ParametersEstimation in Extreme Seeking EntropyAlgorithm

This paper is dedicated to the evaluation ofthe computational time performance of the algorithmsthat estimate the parameters of the generalized Paretodistribution, namely Method of Moments, Maximumlikelihood estimator ...

Vinš, Martin , Sirový, Martin
Assessing Suitability of Various Battery Technologies for Energy Storages : Lithium-ion, Sodium-sulfur and Vanadium Redox Flow Batteries

The different state of the art industry battery technologies for large-scale energy storage applications are analyzed and compared in this paper. Focus has been paid to Lithium-ion, Sodium-sulfur and Vanadium redox flow batteries. The &#...