Katedra ekonomie a kvantitativních metod / Department of Economics and Quatitative Methods


Recent Submissions

Klement, Filip
Benefity pro zaměstnance jako nástroj konkurenceschopnosti podniků na trhu práce

The Bachelor Thesis is focused on employee benefits and their perception in society. There are also defined basic terms, categories of benefits, supply and demand on the current market with employee benefits. Concurrently in the thesis there are shown options for employee benefits ...

Mrňavý, Jiří
Rozbor možností implementace prezentačních webů spolkových organizací

Thesis is focused on analysis of possibilities of implementation of presentation websites. The result is a decision graph to determine the appropriate way to develop and deploy them. The decision graph is constructed based on the work of a defined options tree and is universal...

Drda, Michal
Datová analýza v dodavatelském řetězci

The Thesis is focused on describing of information gathered from EDI communication, which can be used to create reports for manufacturing companies management. Some of the reports were implemented in EDI information system.

Kollerová, Eliška
Analýza systému Google Analytics a jeho využití v elektonickém obchodování.

The presented work is focused on the analysis of the traffic of the e-shop. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze traffic using Google Analytics. The theoretical part focuses on defining the basic concepts of e-business and e-commerce. It also focuses on the evaluati...

Chmelař, Jakub
Komparace využití predikčních modelů ve vybrané oblasti národního hospodářství

The thesis deals with comparison of reliability of the prediction models in area of information technologies in Czech Republic. Compared models are Altman Z'-score private firm model, indexes IN01 and IN05 from husbands Neumaiers, Kralicek Quicktest and Taffler modified model. The theore...