Title: Výšinná poloha Sovice (k. ú. Vetlá, okr. Litoměřice) ve světle archeologického výzkumu v letech 2007-2008
Authors: Trefný, Martin
Chroustovský, Luboš
Janíček, Libor
Citation: KRIŠTUF, Petr a Pavel VAŘEKA. Opomíjená archeologie 2007 – 2008. Plzeň, ZČU, 2010, s. 22-33.
Issue Date: 2010
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni. Filozofická fakulta. Katedra archeologie
Document type: kapitola v knize
URI: http://hdl.handle.net/11025/6969
ISBN: 978-80-7043-923-4
Keywords: krajinná archeologie;archeologický výzkum;Sovice;Podřipsko
Keywords in different language: landscape archaeology;archaeological research;Sovice;Podřipsko Region
Abstract: The contribution brings a brief evaluation of archaeological researches which took place on the mentioned site in July of 2007 and 2008 in cooperation between the Department of Archaeology of the University of West Bohemia in Plzeň and the Podřipské museum in Roudnice nad Labem within the framework of the project “Landscape archaeology and the development of prehistoric settlement in the Podřipsko region”. Sovice hill represents a very important location from the point of view of prehistoric or early medieval settlement dynamics in the given landscape unit. This fact became the main incentive for the implementation of research activities on the hilltop platform. The archaeological research was drawn up in a way that it was possible to use the combination of different methods of field survey and investigation, whereas great emphasis was placed especially on non-destructive methods (geodetic/topographic survey connected with levelling, surface collection of analytical nature, geophysical measurement – magnetometry, pedological probing, total survey with the help of metal detectors without any discrimination). Within the framework of small-scale test excavation, four test pits were dug in different places of the hilltop platform or at its foot, with a total area of 12 m2. The archaeological investigation of the hilltop platform produced important findings confirming the presence of several chronological components, which had been identified here by earlier surface surveys. This pertains especially to the Aeneolithic, Hallstatt, Late Bronze Age or the Hillfort Period. For the first time, the investigation on the hilltop platform also confirmed the activities of the people of the Únětice culture. Typical settlements of this culture in the northern half of Bohemia were the upper parts of hills close to water courses, whereas a number of these settlements are situated in places, which had been used in earlier periods. The hilltop Únětice settlement on Sovice fulfils both criteria. Its linkage to a longdistance route was particularly important, which is here represented by the Elbe River (approx. 1 km distant). Thanks to its advantageous location, the inhabitants of this hilltop settlement could participate in all activities the river was used for at that time. This assumption does naturally not apply to the Únětice settlement on the site only, but can be related to the use of this location in all recorded periods. In the Middle Hillfort Period, there was a hilltop settlement on Sovice, which could have included also the adjacent southwest or northwest slopes of the hill. Whether the upper platform was fenced off or divided in a different way, is not proved yet. However, the investigation produced certain findings, on the basis of which we can hypothetically speculate about the relation of a wall-like body with a parallel ditch, located on the hilltop platform, to the Middle Hillfort Period settlement on this site. The final interpretation and dating of this terrain feature will however be done within the framework of a detailed evaluation of the whole situation, which will be part of a summary study, currently under preparation.
Rights: © Martin Trefný, Luboš Chroustovský, Libor Janíček
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