Title: esofspy
Authors: Kochová, Petra
Cimrman, Robert
Issue Date: 2010
Document type: software
URI: http://docs.sfepy.org/esofspy/
Keywords: linkové systémy;délková hustota;anisotropie
Keywords in different language: line system;length density;anisotropy
Abstract: esofspy = evaluation of spatial orientation of fiber systems in Python This package can be used for automatic evaluation of spatial orientation of fiber systems. The esofspy allows for the automatic postprocessing of two-dimesional plots of length densities and roses of directions, as well as the evaluation of preferential directions and the an/isotropy of line systems. To determine the an/isotropy three methods are used: the fractional anisotropy, ellipsoidal anisotropy and chi-square method. The first two methods are based on computing eigenvalues of the length-weighted average tensor of the line segment orientation. The last method involves comparing the observed length densities of lines with the discrete uniform distribution of an isotropic line system using the chi-square-test.
Rights: © Copyright 2010, Petra Kochová, Robert Cimrman.
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