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Moník, Martin , Pankowská, Anna
Settlement patterns of the late paleolithic in Bohemia and Moravia

Similarly to other territories in Central and Western Europe, what is today Bohemia and Moravia (CZ) saw significant cultural change at the beginning of or during the Allerød period when Magdalenian sites disappeared from the archaeological record and typologically less pronounced Late ...

Behenský, Pavel , Šmejda, Ladislav
Možnosti identifikace silně poškozených mohylových náspů nedestruktivními metodami: případová studie Sedlec-Hůrka

This work addresses the possibility of identification of heavily damaged tumuli by non-destructive methods. We targeted the known location of tumulus cemetery Sedlec-Hůrka, which had been excavated by the West Bohemian amateur archaeologist František Xaver Franc in 1883. Our article is divid...

Lozoviuk, Petr
Meždu naukoj i iděologijej. Istorija německojazyčnoj etnografii češskich zemel'

Galeta, Patrik , Galetová, Martina , Sablin, Mikhail , Germonpré, Mietje
Morphological evidence for early dog domestication in the European Pleistocene: New evidence from a randomization approach to group differences

The antiquity of the wolf/dog domestication has been recently pushed back in time from the Late Upper Paleolithic (similar to 14,000 years ago) to the Early Upper Paleolithic (EUP; similar to 36,000 years ago). Some authors questioned this early dog domestication claiming that ...

Walach, Václav , Kupka, Petr , Lupták, Ľubomír , Hušková, Kateřina , Toušek, Ladislav , Brendzová, Alica , Plachý, Ondřej , Vanková, Klára
Dobývání kriminality: Reflexe viktimizačního šetření v českých sociálně vyloučených lokalitách

In the present article, we reflect on the victimization survey conducted as part of the research project BRIZOLIT (Security Risks in Socially Excluded Localities). Our main focus is on the methodological, epistemological and ethical problems which appeared during the survey among inhabitants...