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Majdi, M. R. , null, null , Ghobadi, M. , Danaee, I. , Zarezadeh, A. , Saebnoori, E. , Chocholatý, Ondřej , Bahrami, P. N.
Evaluation of the Ability of ANFIS and SVMR Models to Predict the Corrosion Inhibition of Cerium Conversion Coating

This work investigates the inhibition effect of cerium conversion coating on various aluminium alloys. Two different computational methods, ANFIS (adaptive-network-based fuzzy inference system) and SVMR (support vector machine regression) were developed to predict the inhibitory power of coated Al-alloys.&...

Brůha, Tomáš , Procházka, Pavel , Uruba, Václav
Investigation of Low-Frequency Phenomena within Flow Pattern in Standard Mixing Vessel Induced by Pitched Blade Impeller

An experimental study on the flow pattern dynamics in a standard mixing vessel with radial baffles filled with water and induced by a pitched blade impeller pumping downward is presented. Investigation is mainly focused on detection and analysis of quasi-periodical or periodical low-fre...

Michálek, Petr , Procházka, Pavel , Uruba, Václav , Stanislav, Pospíšil
Influence of surface roughness on the wake structure of a circular cylinder at Reynolds number 5× 103 to 12× 103

The flow around roughened circular cylinders and the wake behind them were studied in a wind tunnel flow using the Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) method. The Reynolds number ranged from 5140 to 11800, and the real diameter of the cylinders including surface roughness ranged ...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Sedlář, Milan , Komárek, Martin , Duda, Daniel
Experimental and Numerical Study on Vortical Structures and Their Dynamics in a Pump Sump

Research on water flow in a pump inlet sump is presented. The main effort has been devoted to the study of the vortical structures’ appearance and their behavior. The study was conducted in a dedicated model of the pump sump consisting of a rectangular tank 1272 ×&#x...

Klimko, Marek , Lenhard, Richard , Žitek, Pavel , Kaduchová, Katarína
Experimental Evaluation of Axial Reaction Turbine Stage Bucket Losses

The article describes the measurement methods and data evaluation from a single-stage axial turbine with high reaction (50%). Four operating modes of the turbine were selected, in which the wake traversing behind nozzle and bucket with five-hole pneumatic probes took place. The article&...

Duda, Daniel , Uruba, Václav , Yanovych, Vitalii
Wake width: Discussion of several methods how to estimate it by using measured experimental data

Several methods of defining and estimating the width of a turbulent wake are presented and tested on the experimental data obtained in the wake past an asymmetric prismatic airfoil NACA 64(3)‐618, which is often used as tip profile of the wind turbines. Instantaneous velocities...

Sláma, Václav , Mrózek, Lukáš , Tajč, Ladislav , Klimko, Marek , Žitek, Pavel
Flow analysis in a steam turbine control valve with through-flow valve chamber

A nuclear power plant also includes a secondary cycle, which main component is a steam turbine. The steam turbine processes the thermal and pressure energy of steam and converts it into mechanical energy. Reliable and safe operation of the steam turbine, thus of the entire...

Rot, David , Hrbek, Jan , Jiřinec, Jakub
Heat transfer in induction melting of aluminum oxide in cold crucible

This paper presents a research study detailing the procedure and results of experimental eye-tracking research to evaluate employers' career websites. The objective of this research was to gain an insight into Generation Y's perspective on the career websites of prospective employers....

Duda, Daniel , Yanovych, Vitalii , Uruba, Václav
An experimental study of turbulent mixing in channel flow past a grid

Grid turbulence is considered to be a canonical case of turbulent flow. In the presented paper, the flow structure is analyzed from the point of view of mixing properties, where vortical structures and their properties play a significant role. That is why the effect of va...

Vilcsek, Igor , Stach, Ondřej , Kříž, Antonín
Orbitální svařování heterogenních spojů

For nuclear energy, fusion arc welding is one of the key technologies not only for production of equipment, but also for its maintenance, assembly and repair. Due to the fact that there is a radioactive medium inside the facility, the leakage of which could have catastrop...

Yanovych, Vitalii , Duda, Daniel , Uruba, Václav
Structure turbulent flow behind a square cylinder with an angle of incidence

This article shows the results of a study of the structure of turbulent flow behind a square profile ALUTEC 45×45mm with T-slots. The angle of rotation of the profile relative to its axis varied α=0°, 15°, 30° and 45°. During the experiment, the flow velocity was 5m⋅...

Žitek, Pavel , Klimko, Marek
Experimentální vzduchová turbína VT-400.

The nuclear power plant also includes a secondary cycle. One of the main components of the cycle is a steam turbine. The flow through the flow path is very complicated and significantly affects the turbine efficiency. An single-stage axial experimental air turbine is located i...

Uruba, Václav , Procházka, Pavel , Skála, Vladislav
On the streamwise structures in the boundary layer under adverse pressure gradient on an inclined plate

The presented study is focused on experimental investigation of a boundary layer on a flat plate in adverse pressure gradient. The flat plate is placed in a regular flow, the pressure gradient is generated by the plate inclination. The preceding studies deal with structure of&...

Sedlář, Milan , Procházka, Pavel , Komárek, Martin , Uruba, Václav , Skála, Vladislav
Experimental Research and Numerical Analysis of Flow Phenomena in Discharge Object with Siphon

This article presents results of the experimental research and numerical simulations of the flow in a pumping system’s discharge object with the welded siphon. The laboratory simplified model was used in the study. Two stationary flow regimes characterized by di erent volume flow r...

Uruba, Václav
Energy and Entropy in Turbulence Decompositions

The role of energy and entropy in the decomposition of turbulent velocity flow-fields is shown in this paper. Decomposition methods based on the energy concept are taken into account—proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) and its extension bi-orthogonal decomposition (BOD). The methods are we...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15