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Recent Submissions

Liška, Karel
Analýza dynamického chování rotorů s kluznými ložisky

This master thesis deals with the analysis of the dynamic behaviour of rotors with fluid bearings. Methods for describing forces transmitted by oil lms inside the journal bearings including the journal bearings with floating rings are introduced at the beginning of the work. In...

Bělohoubek, Marek
Numerická simulace proudění chladiva ve svazku proutků reaktoru VVER 1000 pomocí subkanálové analýzy

This thesis is focused on modeling of flow and heat conduction in fuel assemblies of the pressurized water type nuclear reactor using subchannel analysis. The thesis summarizes the theory concerning on the principle and operation of nuclear reactor type VVER 1000. The results are&#...

Halama, Aleš
Vybrané aplikace problémů proudění tekutin řešené pomocí \\ lattice Boltzmannovy metody

In this diploma thesis the basic principles and modifications of the lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) and their computer implementation for the numerical solution of complex fluid flows are presented. As the first test case for a numerical simulation an incompressible free surface flow&#x...

Kába, Ondřej
Řešení úloh elastodynamiky pro jednorozměrná a dvourozměrná heterogenní elastická prostředí

This thesis focuses on problems of non-stationary stress wave propagation in one-dimensional and two-dimensional elastic heterogeneous media. The analytical solution of this problem for a layered rod with an arbitrary number of layers is derived from the solution of the same problem for...

Macháňová, Pavla
Modelování tření a jeho vliv při numerických simulacích rychlých dějů

This master thesis is aimed to study dry friction modeling focusing on applications in impact numerical simulations during development of new car seats. It contains an overview of static and dynamic friction models that are used in dynamics of elastic bodies. Selected models were&#...