Katedra ekonomie a kvantitativních metod / Department of Economics and Quatitative Methods


Recent Submissions

Kollerová, Eliška
Analýza systému Google Analytics a jeho využití v elektonickém obchodování.

The presented work is focused on the analysis of the traffic of the e-shop. The main goal of this thesis is to analyze traffic using Google Analytics. The theoretical part focuses on defining the basic concepts of e-business and e-commerce. It also focuses on the evaluati...

Chmelař, Jakub
Komparace využití predikčních modelů ve vybrané oblasti národního hospodářství

The thesis deals with comparison of reliability of the prediction models in area of information technologies in Czech Republic. Compared models are Altman Z'-score private firm model, indexes IN01 and IN05 from husbands Neumaiers, Kralicek Quicktest and Taffler modified model. The theore...

Mondek, Lukáš
Řízení rizik softwarového projektu

The bachelor thesis is focused on the risk management of the software project. The main aim of the thesis is not only to describe and evaluate the risk management of the specific project, it is also about the author's suggestion for the improvement of risk management&...

Teřlová, Michaela
Návrh a implementace webového informačního systému

The submitted bachelor thesis is focused on the design and implementation of the web information system. The main goal of the thesis is to design and implement a web-based information system for a café, which will allow easy editing of the content. The thesis is divided&#...

Zahrádka, Jakub
Implementace EDI v organizaci

The presented bachelor thesis deals with implementation of electronic data interchange in a fictive firm. The main goal of this thesis was to design EDI solution and create EDI message convertor. In the theoretical part there was explained what it is ERP and EDI,&...