Katedra marketingu, obchodu a služeb / Department of Marketing, Trade and Services


Recent Submissions

Hálová, Hana
Organizace řízení činnosti a provozu ve vybraném subjektu

The presented work is focused on the organization of activity management and operation in KFC. The aim of the theoretical part is to create a theoretical basis for issues of management, management of the organization. The aim of the practical part was the analysis of a&#x...

Clark, Daniela-Nadia
Positioning České republiky na australském trhu

Australians are a specific nation. In addition to domestic tourism, australians often enjoy trips to Indonesia or Great Britain when visiting Europe. Then why not visitng the Czech Republic? The main aim of this thesis is to propose measures, which could conduct in a better&#x...

Halama, Michal
Činnost logistického providera

The submitted master thesis is focused on defining the environment in which logistics providers operate and also on the introduction of outsourcing in logistics. At present, there are a large number of logistics service providers and their boundaries overlap in some cases, so the&#...

Štembera, Marek
Online marketing ve vybrané organizaci

The presented master's thesis is focused on online marketing in a selected company. The first part presents a theoretical introduction to online marketing communication, which includes web presentation, search engine optimization, PPC advertising, social media and web analytics. Furthermore, targe...

Voráčková, Lenka
Vzdělávání a rozvoj pracovníků v podniku jako konkurenční výhoda

The presented diploma thesis is focused on the issue of education and development at a specific regional directorate of Generali Česká pojišťovna a. s. The main aim of this thesis is to evaluate the system of education and development in the organization and to propose su...