Title: Mechanical Testing of Joints Glued/Soldered on Textile Ribbons
Authors: Hirman, M.
Navrátil, J.
Hamáček, A.
Steiner, F.
Citation: Electroscope. 2020, č. 1.
Issue Date: 2020
Publisher: Západočeská univerzita v Plzni, Fakulta elektrotechnická
Document type: článek
ISSN: 1802-4564
Keywords: stuha;výzkum;testování;odpor
Keywords in different language: textile ribbon;research;testing;resistance
Abstract in different language: This paper deals with the assembly of SMD chip resistors onto a conductive textile ribbon by soldering or gluing. The main goal of our research was to verify the reliability of joints after jerk testing of ribbons. The results showed that soldered / glued joints on electrically conductive textile ribbon are reliable during jerking test until the destruction of whole ribbon and electrical resistance of joints is low and stable until this destruction during extreme jerking.
Rights: © 2020 Electroscope
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Číslo 1 (2020)
Číslo 1 (2020)

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