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Malá, Klára
Vývoj elektronické hudby od konce 80. let až do současnosti na území Izraele

My bachelor thesis focuses on the description of electronic music scene in Israel, especially on the Trance genre and its sub-genres. In the theoretical part I explain the terminology within the psytrance culture and I also explain important terms like synthesizer or sampler. I...

Ramadan, Veronika
Významné ženy v rané historii islámu

My bachelor thesis is focused on three significant women of the early historical period of Islam, namely Khadijah bint Khuwaylid, Fatima az-Zahra and bint Abu Bakr. This thesis documents their lives, crucial contributions and sacrifices they made to Islam. I have decided to&...

Chval, Vladislav
Gibraltar za muslimské vlády

The aim of my Bachelor Thesis is to describe as much as possible all the sieges of Gibraltar. The only ones which were between Christendom and Muslims. I will describe each siege separately and describe the circumstances which led to each battle. Each battle was&#x...

Krejčí, Daniel
Jordánsko-palestinské vztahy na pozadí událostí Černého září

This bachelor's thesis is focused on conflict between Palestinian fedayeen and Jordanian regime in 1970, which is known as Black September. The thesis aims to map the development of mutual relations of both mentioned sides from Six-days war till the half of following decade.&#x...

Holzäpflová, Barbora
Turecká jazyková reforma za vlády Mustafy Kemala Atatürka

This bachelor thesis deals with Turkish language reform during the first Turkish president Kemal Atatürk. The thesis explains why Ottoman Turkish became unsuitable for the needs of the newly formed state, how the changes that were made on the basis of this reform were put ...

Miškovský, Petr
Mesiánští židé v Izraeli: Identita a vztah k izraelské státnosti, případová studie komunity Beit Hallel v Ašdodu

The main reason for writing this work was the lack of space that contemporary scientific work devotes during the research of the phenomenon of Messianic Judaism to Messianic communities in Israel. They only marginally pay attention to the area which, according to the author, i...

Alexeev, Ester
Golda Meir a mediální obraz Jomkippurské války a Mnichovského masakru z perspektivy izraelských deníků Davar a Maariv

This bachelor's thesis analyzes the political and social significance of Golda Meir. The thesis also investigates Golda Meir's media image, including how her policies were covered in the Israeli press the Labor daily Davar and the non-affiliated daily Ma'ariv during the&#x...

Šebek, Petr
Sumerské město Uruk a jeho zázemí na počátku dějin Mezopotámie

The bachelor thesis describes the situation in the Sumerian city of Uruk in the 4th mill. B.C. The work is focused on the description of the locality and situation in Mesopotamia at the beginning of the history of Mesopotamia. Most of the work describes the archaeological...

Ivančíková, Alžbeta
Eli Cohen: mýtus a realita

The aim of this bachelor thesis is to explain the many myths that have developed over the years on the person of Eli Cohen and make every effort to refute them critically and explain the true circumstances of each myth. The thesis begins with a description of th...

Matala, Matouš
Vývoj zbrojního průmyslu Izraele a jeho úloha na mezinárodním poli

The aim of this thesis is to evaluate Israel's success in terms of application of new technologies into use based on the history of arms industry. According to many statistics and various studies, Israel is considered a successful and developed country, that can compete wi...

Durcová, Jana
Vybrané kresťanské minority súčasnej Alexandrie

This bachelor thesis deals with selected Christians minorities in Middle East and North Africa with emphasis on selected Christians minorities of contemporary Alexandria - Coptic Church, Greek Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria and All Africa, Latin Catholic Church and Greek Melkite Catholic...

Winter, Karel
Mohammad Mosaddeq a znárodnnění íránského ropného průmyslu.

This bachelor's thesis deals with the nationalization of most of the British-owned Anglo-Iranian Oil Company operating the Iranian oil industry, which took place in 1953. The work deals with both the causes and consequences of nationalization. At the same time the work pays att...

Chupíková, Veronika
Cesta k moci Saddáma Husajna

Thesis describes youth of Saddam Hussein, his carrer and political importance before reaching power. Thesis analyzes events affecting his rise and describes political situation in this era.

Rácz, Erik
Chajalim bodedim - vojáci bez rodinného zázemí v Izraelských obranných silách

The main goal of this bachelor thesis is to make term Lone Soldier more visible within a Czech society. It was hitherto unknown term in the Czech Republic. The definition of a Lone Soldier is a man or woman in the Israel Defense Forces without immediate family i...

Knapová, Marie
Doňa Gracia Mendes Nasi

This bachelor thesis is focused on documenting the life of the medieval businesswoman Dona Gracia Nasi / Mendes, her close family circle and the activities of the Mendes business in the context of world trade and its resistance to the Spanish, Portuguese and papal inquisi...

Žižková, Kateřina
Halab - historie a současný význam severosyrské metropole.

The bachelor's thesis deals with the French mandate in Halab, its origin, administrative and political changes introduced by the French mandate administration. It also includes the uprising against France, the establishment of the republic in 1936 and independence. The work also provides...

Lavrinčíková, Markéta
Kurdská politická reprezentace v Iráku v klíčových událostech 80. let 20.stol.

This research focuses on northern Iraq (Kurdistan), on its relationship to the central authority, on the Kurds´ struggle against Saddam Hussein´s regime, and the reactions of the central authority in Baghdad in the 1980s. Through this research, we try to review political alliances ...

Križan, Tomáš
Vzdelávanie sýrskych utečeneckých detí v Turecku

This bachelor thesis is about syrian refugee children in Turkey, about their education in temporary educational centre in Karaman and state secondary school in Istanbul.

Krejčová, Lucie

This thesis is written about the history of Byblos from its beginnings to the Hellenistic period - detailed description of the defined period, business relationships, and the domination of neighboring states. The thesis also deals with archaeological excavations in this locality and wit...

Sopková, Tereza
Egyptské střední vrstvy v Káhiře v literárním díle Nagíba Mahfúze.

The bachelor thesis gives a brief but comprehensive view of the life of Naguib Mahfouz and his literary work with a focus on the period in which he wrote the novel Scandal in Cairo. It is the so-called social stage of his work. In the following part of the&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 205