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Černá, Barbora
Sociální práce v podmínkách výkonu trestu odnětí svobody

This bachelor thesis deals with the subject of social work within the execution of prison sentence. This topic is elaborated theoretically through defining the basic terms connected with this topic to enable easier understanding of the whole concept of work and it is complemented&#...

Kraus, Kamil
Orgány obcí se zaměřením na správní obvod Kralovice

The main goal of this Bachelor thesis was to familiarize function of the local authority of I. II. and III. levels. The theoretical part is divided into three parts. First part is dedicated to Constitution of the Czech Republic and Charter of Fundamental Rights and Freedo...

Tauschová, Lenka
Manipulace a motivace pracovníků ve veřejné správě

This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of manipulation and motivation at public administration. The forms of manipulation, bullying, work motivation, evaluation and fees of the employees are widely discussed. This thesis also focused on the connection between manipulation and motivation ...

Fekete, Martin
Ochrana informací v činnosti správních orgánů

This Bachelor thesis is focused primarily on term information and their protection but also on ways how you can get them and what administrative bodies you can contact.

Vavrochová, Nicole
Strategické plánování města Plzně

This bachelor thesis deals with strategic planning of the statutory city of Pilsen. The aim of this paper is to acquaint readers with the basic concepts and critically evaluate the strategic plan of the City of Pilsen. At first, the thesis describes the basic concepts of&...

Mathejzíková, Petra
Manažerské dovednosti - kompetence manažera (vedoucího zaměstnance) ve veřejné správě

Manager is indispensable and in fact the most important link in every organization of private and public administration, works inside the organization, influences productivity of the employees, efficiency, performance and level of their cooperation, but also works outside of the organization ...

Pražská, Anna
Pracovní podmínky a jejich vliv na výkon zaměstnance

The topic of this bachelor thesis is "Working conditions and their influence on employee's performance". It focuses mainly on the legal regulation of employee working conditions related to the working hours, employee care and safety and health at work. Furthermore the thesis&#x...

Škubalová, Karolína
Problematika a právní regulace psích množíren v České republice

This bachelor thesis deals with the problem of dog farming in the Czech republic. The thesis is separated into two parts, where the first one describes the basic concepts, legislation and authorities that supervise animal cruelty. The second part of the thesis describes the ps...

Šimek, Jakub

This bachelor thesis deals with the issue of fines, misdemeanor proceedings and misdemeanors in general. Part of the thesis is also a historical excursion, which is focused on the legal regulation of fines and offenses in our territory during important historical milestones. The th...

Nováčková, Leona
Místní poplatky

This bachelor thesis analyzes local fees charged in the Czech republic. The main purpose of this thesis is to present a comprehensive view on the issue of the local fees including analysis of the individual fees based on the law of local fees. The secondary goal is&#...

Jánská, Kateřina
Místní poplatky

My Bachelor's thesis is focused on local fees and is divided into seven chapters. At the beginning of the thesis, I focused on general introduction to the issue of public administration and functioning of the municipality as a basic territorial self-governing unit. The next...

Javorská, Petra
Vzdělávání a zaměstnávání osob ve výkonu trestu odnětí svobody

In my bachelor thesis I deal with problematics of education and employment of prisoners. I deal with questions related to possibilities of convicts completing their basic education, secondary vocational education or even higher education and at the same time deepening their knowledge by...

Drdová, Kateřina
Manažerské dovednosti - kompetence manažera (vedoucího zaměstnance) ve veřejné správě

This bachelor thesis deals with manager's competences in public administration. It describes what functions a manager performs in an organization and what abilities, skills, character qualities a manager needs to perform his work effectively. Particular attention is paid to key competences,&#...

Majerová, Zuzana
Etika úředního jednání

The bachelor thesis is focused on official negotiation ethic. It is divided into theoretical and practical part. The theoretical part deals with terms connected with etiquette of official negotiation, such as morals, ethic, ethical code, education of officials in the branch of ethic,&#x...

Komorousová, Eliška
Příspěvkové organizace

This bachelor thesis is focused on the issue of non-profit sector, contributory organization specifically allowance organizations of basic territorial self-governing unit including the analysis of a specific allowance organization - Kulturní a komunitní centrum Přeštice. It contains historical and leg...

Kuchynková, Lenka
Hlavní činnosti personálního oddělení ve veřejné správě

The bachelor thesis deals with the main activities of the personnel department in public administration. Initially, the thesis focuses on defining the necessary terms in the area of public administration and human resources. Subsequently, the thesis is devoted to individual activities that&#...

Kollrossová, Nikol

This bachelor thesis contains a summary of basic information about euthanasia. There are described euthanasia and assisted suicide, their kinds and related terms, the most frequent arguments for and against legalizing euthanasia and four countries where euthanasia or methods assisted suicide ...

Danišová, Markéta
Partnerství veřejného a soukromého sektoru

This bachelor thesis focuses on the concept of partnership between public and private sectors and the utilization of such partnership with the purpose of providing the public with various infrastructure and facilities. Public private partnership, generally abbreviated to PPP, employs the res...

Faitenhanzlová, Lucie
Matriční úřady a matriční knihy

This bachelor thesis is about Registry offices and registry books. The bachelor thesis is divided into two parts. The first part deals with the basic concepts related to registry offices. A large part of the thesis focuses on the register books. In the first part of ...

Benešová, Lenka
Pasivní politika zaměstnanosti

The bachelor thesis explains passive employment policy in the Czech Republic and last part of this thesis explains unemployment compensation in Germany. Passive employment policy seeks to mitigate the effects of unemployment in the country. The main part of the thesis is devoted to...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 348