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Corinne, Berger , Ben-Shalom, Uzi , Tarant, Zbyněk , Longo, Jay , DeDonno, Michael
The Influence of the Health Belief Model on the Decision to Get the COVID-19 Vaccine: An International Survey Study of College Students

To better prepare for a potential future pandemic, it is important to investigate factors that influenced responses to the recent COVID-19 pandemic. The aim of the present study was to investigate factors that influenced the decision to get the COVID-19 vaccine. The COVID-19 pandem...

Baumanová, Monika
The Element of Water in the Built Environment on the Precolonial Kenya Coast

With increasing urbanisation, understanding the variety of historical experience with water in the urban context becomes all the more relevant. Apart from representing an economic and environmental necessity, the physical and sensory access to freshwater is universally understood as socially desi...

Klik, Jan
Okolnosti a příčiny vzniku tajné služby SAVAK

This paper aims to illuminate the foreign policy, and internal security context, which contributed to the decision to establish an intelligence service and a secret police, both included in one all-embracing organization, SAVAK. The paper takes into account t...

Klik, Jan
Hijrah of Our Time: Islamic Concept of Religious Emigration in Contemporary Salafism

This study presents a comparison of the religious-legal concept of the hijrah in the approach of schools of Salafism, which are the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant and the Muhammad al-Albani’s and his disciples’ teachings. The first, theoretical section of the submitted m...

Tlili, Václava
Formy ústní a písemné fixace koránského textu: Přehled islámských a Západních perspektiv

The study addresses the question of the historicity of the Qur´ān, the central religious text of Islam, and provides an overview of important Islamic and Western views on its formation, notation, and the specifics of oral transmission. To this end, it reflects on traditional M...

Sobotková, Veronika
Islámská republika Írán - překvapivě progresivní centrum zdravotního turismu

The Islamic Republic of Iran is a very progressive state in the field of medical research and its application. Although the country is fully subject to Islamic law and the influence of Shiite clerics, the development of medical science is not restricted at all, as Shiite&...

Baumanová, Monika , Tramutoli, Rosanna
“What’s in a name?” Swahili toponymy of past towns on the East African coast

For the last century, archaeologists have surveyed and studied sites on the Swahili coast of East Africa, that represent the remains of past Swahili settlements and, in few cases, living historical towns. This paper is the first discussion of a collection of the names under&#x...

Baumanová, Monika
Survey and analysis of the architectural heritage at Jumba la Mtwana and Mnarani, precolonial Swahili towns in Kenya

In 2021, a survey of two sites, known as Jumba la Mtwana and Mnarani in Kenya took place, which date between the 14th and 16th centuries CE. The sites represent some of the Swahili towns on the East African coast that were in the precolonial period taking part&#...

Baumanová, Monika
Transitory Courtyards as a Feature of Sustainable Urbanism on the East African Coast

The tropical urbanism of coastal East Africa has a thousand-year-long history, making it a recognized example of sustainable urbanism. Although economically dependent on trade, the precolonial Islamic towns of the so-called Swahili coast did not feature markets or other public buildings dedi...

Branas-Garza, Pablo , Jorrat, Diego , Kovářík, Jaromír , López, María
Hyper-altruistic behavior vanishes with high stakes

Using an incentivized experiment with statistical power, this paper explores the role of stakes in charitable giving of lottery prizes, where subjects commit to donate a fraction of the prize before they learn the outcome of the lottery. We study three stake levels: 5€ (n ...

Tarant, Zbyněk
Blessed Be the Surgeon? The Lubavitcher Rebbe, the Emuna u-mada’ Controversy and Its Legacy

This article analyzes the intellectual controversy sparked by the remarks of the last Rebbe of the Lubavitcher dynasty, Menachem Mendel Schneerson (1902-1994), concerning the alleged Divine role in the horrors of the Shoah in the 1970s. The ensuing dispute took place in the form&#x...

Záhořík, Jan
Competing -Isms in the Horn of Africa: The Rise and Fall of Pan-Ethiopianism and Pan-Somalism

The article deals with the rise and fall of two great Pan-movements, the Pan-Ethiopianism and Pan-Somalism which have affected the internal and international affairs in the Horn of Africa up to this day.

Sobotková, Veronika
Hrajeme si na Boha?: Lékařské technologie a změna Božího stvoření z perspektivy ší‘itského islámu

Shi‘ite Islam posits that medical technologies such as cloning or genetic engineering are not a change in God’s creation and cannot be forbidden for this reason. The study presents the main religious­-legal arguments for this opinion and the difference between the view of Shi‘ite&#...

Záhořík, Jan , Maxwell, Alexander , Turner, Molly
The Nation versus the “Not-Quite-Nation”: A Semantic Approach to Nationalism and its Terminology

The study discusses various case studies of semantic approaches to nationalism and problems with its terminology.

Kohout, Jiří , Pešková, Michaela , Skopečková, Eva , Voltrová, Michaela
Zur Wahrnehmung der kommunikativen Kompetenz durch Lehramtsstudierende

Baumanová, Monika
Precolonial soundscapes of Swahili coastal towns in East Africa

This paper aims to open the discussion on the characteristics of the acoustic landscapes in precolonial Swahili towns on the East African coast, where this theme to date remains unstudied. It focuses on assessing some aspects of the acoustic experience in the precolonial period...

Shojaeipour, Shahriar , Sobotková, Veronika , Alavi Ghazvini, Seyed 'Ali
Artificial fertilisation and „Being a Mother“ Problematics from the Viewpoint of Contemporary Shi’i Fiqh

This study deals with an important question within the field of Islamic bioethics: who is the mother if more than one woman is involved in the process of artificial fertilization? The Shi‘i fuqahā ͗ have developed four theories about “being a mother”. In order to gain...

Tarant, Zbyněk
Emanuel Beška, Gabriel Pirický, Jaroslav Drobný: Nenaplnené nádeje Arabskej jari – Desaťročie revolúcií, povstání a konfliktov na Blízkom východe [book review]

Slowík, Josef , Pešková, Michaela , Shatunova, Olga , Bartus, Ewa
The competences of young teachers in the education of pupils with special educational needs

The present article considers the problem of readiness of young teachers to teach children with special educational needs in countries where the introduction of inclusive education began only in the last decade. The authors describe the key concepts of the theory of formation of&#x...

Vis, Benjamin
Transitions and Transformations: Evidential Relations between Archaeology and Urban Morphology

There has been a loose association between archaeology and urban morphology since its emergence. Nonetheless, it would appear relatively few urban morphologists have a proper grounding in archaeology and it seldom comes to explicit exchanges on theoretical, analytical, or purposive grounds. ...

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