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Honzík, Lukáš , Frank, Jan
Mathematical courses on Children's University at Faculty of education

Game-based learning is a relatively important part of the learning process. The game itself is a strong motivational factor for the children. They are not only informed about new facts, learns new skills and gets him new experiences, but the experience of the game also wo...

Gangur, Mikuláš , Svoboda, Milan , Grolmus, Petr
A comparison of different approaches used in the learning process by means of the moodle data analysis

The contribution deals with the application of data mining methods in the log data of the Moodle learning management system. In the first step the attention is paid to the pre-processing of data cleaning, transformation, and aggregation. This pre-processing of data preparation focuses&#...

Baťko, Jan , Rohlíková, Lucie , Frank, Filip
Robotic kit LEGO as a means of getting acquainted with educational robotics

This article introduces a part of the research in the field of educational robotics implemented in the Czech Republic. The aim of the research was to explore how elementary school pupils solve some simple tasks. Within the research a set of fifteen simple tasks designed f...

Jakeš, Tomáš , Baťko, Jan , Frank, Filip
LEGO robotics textbook: solutions for creating constructions and manuals

This article deals with LEGO robotics textbook developed at the Department of Computer Science and Educational Technology, Faculty of Education, University of West Bohemia in Pilsen. The textbook is focused on the support of developing computational thinking of pupils in the upper prima...

Frank, Jan , Honzík, Lukáš
Positivity of polynomial in the context of Czech education

Decomposition of a polynomial as a Sum of squares of polynomials (SOS) is one of the classical methods how to prove that certain polynomial f is a positive semidefinite polynomial. At present, this is a technique that is not usually taught at Czech high schools or in...

Frank, Filip , Frank, Jan , Honzík, Lukáš , Jakeš, Tomáš
Safety of Czech elementary school pupils on the Internet

The safety of elementary school pupils on the internet (especially on social networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) is a current and often discussed problem. In previous decades, attackers (e.g. pedophiles) usually lured children with sweets or puppies. It was risky becau...

Lomička, Zdeněk , Horváthová, Dana , Michalíková, Alžbeta , Filipi, Zbyněk , Škrinárová, Jarmila , Voštinár, Patrik
Řešení úloh v blokovém programování jako součást projektového dne založeného na deskoherních principech

Průcha, Tomáš
Computer science teacher preparation in an international context : a comparative study

Kubíková, Kateřina , Lukavská, Kateřina , Boháčová, Aneta , Mainz, Denis , Svobodová, Sandra
Test Anxiety Inventory (TAI): validization and psychometric properties of Czech version

This study details the development and validation of a Czech language version of the Test Anxiety Inventory (TAI). The TAI instrument has been created to allow acquisition of empirical evidence on the two above-mentioned components in practical situations. This measurement tool addresses...

Konopásková, Anna , Filipi, Zbyněk
Informace k projektům PRIM a DG

In line with the prerequisites of the Digital Education Strategy by 2020, work is underway on projects focusing on the development of information thinking and digital literacy also in upper secondary education. In the project called Support for the Development of Information Thinking,&#...

Pospíšilová, Linda
Elektronické portfolio jako nástroj rozvoje autonomie a jazykových kompetencí vysokoškolských studentů ve výuce odborného anglického jazyka

Nowadays, there is a frequent call for paradigm shift in education heard. The centre is moving from a teacher to a learner, from content to knowledge and skills, from memorizing to active learning and the 21st century skill development. In literature we can encounter a cl...

Průcha, Tomáš , Horváthová, Dana , Filipi, Zbyněk , Rohlíková, Lucie
Problémy v přípravě učitelů informatiky: případová studie

In the Czech Republic there is a growing discussion about thepreparation of CS (Computer Science) teachers, especially inconnection with the integration of CS into the curriculum ofprimary and secondary schools. The aim of this paper is to describeproblems in the preparation of CS ...

Rohlíková, Lucie , Kohout, Jiří , Vrbík, Václav , Rohlík, Ondřej
The importance of mobile access to information systems for pre-service teachers

The goal of this study was to explore the disposition to, attitudes towards, and usage of ICT, the ownership and importance of individual devices for academic success, and the importance of using a handheld mobile device for various student-related activities of pre-service teachers.&#x...

Rohlíková, Lucie
Flexible forms of learning as a challenge for higher education

This paper will discuss current trends in the development of lifelong and online education through the eyes of universities. Given the demographic situation and progressive automation, significant changes in demand for education can be expected in the near future in individual and flexi...

Baťko, Jan
Methodical support for teachers of robotics in the Czech educational system

The aim of this work is to describe the possibilities and extent of the methodical support of teachers of robotics and robotic programming in the Czech primary education system and to find and describe the deficiencies as well as possible ways to improve the educational s...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 15 of 15