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Ždánsky, Juraj , Valigurský, Jozef
Influence of Distributed SRCS Architectures on Dependability and Safety of Realised Safety Functions

Incessantly extending possibilities of safety PLCs allows usage not only in process level control but also in higher level of control. It means, that complex distributed control systems can be created. In case that safety functions are realised by these systems, architecture of con...

Ždánský, Juraj , Medvedík, Milan
Performing safety functions to monitor the protected area using a light curtain

In many applications, a light curtain is used to detect the intrusion of a human (or other protected object) into the danger zone. After detecting the interruption of the light curtain, a safety function is activated to bring the danger zone into a safe state (non-human)....

Wagner, Philipp , Wilhelm, Thomas , Sailer, Andreas
Analyzing Multi-core Timing Effects on Control Systems via Co-simulation

In the automotive industry, the integration of different functions is a challenging and transdisciplinary task. The effects caused by the timing behavior of discrete controllers on the control plant need to be understood during development. In this paper we show how co-simulation of...

Veřtát, Ivo , Dudáček, Luděk
Multidimensional Cross Parity Check Codes as a Promising Solution to CubeSat Low Data Rate Downlinks

Simple cross parity check codes have been well known for decades in the areas of magnetic recording and radiation-hardened memory in space applications. However, the computational power requirements of higher dimensional cross codes mean that priority has been given to different forward ...

Teodorescu, Horia-Nicolai , Cojocaru, Victor , Katashev, Alexei
Multi-Criterial Assessment of the Uniformity of the Electrical Potential of Micro-Films

We propose a method of characterization and assessment of the uniformity of the surface properties of samples based on a set of derived parameters. Local (sliding window) variance, Allan and Hadamard variances and centers of potential for measurement lines are used to assess the&#x...