Katedra podnikové ekonomiky a managementu / Department of Bussiness Administration and Management


Recent Submissions

Rosochová, Kateřina
Řešení vybraného problému řízení logistických procesů v konkrétním podniku

The diploma thesis deals with a selected problem in the field of logistics processes in GRAMMER CZ, s.r.o., specifically by the arrangement of production in a new logistics concept. The need to carry out changes in the production arrangement resulted from the management decision&#x...

Roth, Robert
Úspěšnost makroekonomických predikcí během hospodářského cyklu

The master's thesis titled 'Success of Macroeconomic Predictions over the Business Cycle' analyzes the accuracy of macroeconomic forecasts across different phases of business cycles. It evaluates forecasts produced by major economic institutions such as the Czech National Bank, the Ministr...

Baier, Jakub
Studie proveditelnosti vybraného projektu

This work focuses on the elaboration of a feasibility study for the construction project of a biogas station. The client for this work is the Unified Agricultural Cooperative "Builder" based in Janovice. The work is divided into several chapters. The first chapter explains...

Minaříková, Lenka
Změny ve vedení a motivaci zaměstnanců v důsledku Covid-19

The thesis focuses on changes in leadership and employee motivation as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. This topic is current and relevant as the pandemic significantly affected the work environment worldwide, leading to the need to reconsider various approaches in management and ...

Mouleová, Klára
Řízení projektu Zdravá krajina se zaměřením na komunikaci

The aim of the thesis is to propose measures or strategies to improve the current state of communication of Healthy Landscape with project stakeholders. The first two chapters focus on theoretical description of the basic concepts of project management and communication in the proj...