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Vítková, Klára
Černínské Chudenice: kolébka rodu a aristokratická rezidence v 18. století

This bachelor thesis deals with the Czernin family and its construction activities in Chudenice, in which it made a great contribution. The Czernin family has always been associated with the southwest town Chudenice. We can already find the first mention in the end of the ...

Bence, Roman
Třebíč jako památka UNESCO v didaktické aplikaci pro ZŠ a SŠ

The topic of this graduate thesis is the history of UNESCO monuments in Trebic that are connected to the relationship between Jewish and Christian inhabitance. The main goal is to represent the Jewish district in detail with its cemetery and basilica of saint Prokop as a&...

Holek, Vladimír
Osobnosti v historii Rokycan - vybrané kapitoly z regionálních dějin s edukačním využitím

The subject of research of this diploma thesis are significant personalities of the town of Rokycany and their didactic application for secondary and grammar schools. The diploma thesis introduces individual life destinies of the personalities in the context of general and regional hist...

Šmerdová, Veronika
Digitální technologie ve vyučování vybraných kapitol dějepisu 6. ročníku ZŠ

The thesis focuses on the ways of introducing digital technologies into teaching in the environment of Czech primary schools. The theoretical part of the thesis deals with the history of the use of the first teaching machines, then computers, and finally today's advanced techno...

Šimková, Kamila
Operace Out Distance

Bachelor thesis deals with the resistance activities of the parachute group Out Distance. This operation was prepared by the Ministry of National Defense of the Czechoslovak government in exile in London. The group Out Distance was deployed to the protectorate at the end of Ma...