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Železná, Kateřina
Vimperk v období 1968-1989

The diploma thesis describes the history of the town of Vimperk from 1968 to 1989, which are the main milestones in the history of the Czechoslovak Republic. In each chapter we focus on society, sports, education and industry in the city of Vimperk. It also deals wit...

Kabourek, Jakub
Chodsko v didaktických aplikacích ve vyučování na ZŠ

The diploma thesis deals with the examination of selected chapters of the history of Chodsko. In the given issue, I analyzed the individual periods of human history that influenced the historical development of this area. In my work I also focused on the application of se...

Planíková, Sabina
Dějiny obce a zámku Krásný Les po roce 1945

This bachelor thesis is devoted to the history of the village and the Château Krásný Les in the Krušné hory. The goal of the thesis was to introduce readers to the history of the village and the castle after 1945. The work was processed based on information from...

Círusová, Alžběta
Zámek Slapy a jeho majitelé v 19. a 20. století

The bachelor's thesis termed Chateau Slapy and its owners in the 19th and 20th century deals with a classical microhistorical theme, the history of one particular place,and yet, as the name implies, a chateau in the village of Slapy. First of all, we focus main...

Šafránková, Petra
Plzeň za Kopeckého

Martin Kopecký, a native of Vysoké Mýto and a lawyer, was a highly qualified civil servant in the first half of the 19th century. He began his career in Benešov and Kutná Hora. He first proved himself as mayor in the towns of Tábor and Loket, before he was&...