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Recent Submissions

Šefflová, Kateřina
Konfiskace a znárodnění majetku v letech 1945 - 1948 na Karlovarsku

This thesis is focused on interventions to property rights after the World War II., especially on confiscation and nationalization. The aim of this thesis is provide comprehensive information about this problematic in general row and then focused on the Carlsbad region. The thesis ...

Straka, Jan
Sbor národní bezpečnosti v letech 1945-1948 z pohledu práva

The diploma thesis deals with the topic of the National Security Corps (SNB) in the years 1945 to 1948 from the legal perspective. It contains a chapter devoted to the post-war restoration of Czechoslovakia and the establishment of the SNB. The structure of the SNB and&#x...

Rauch, Lukáš
Postavení Podkarpatské Rusi v Československu, jeho právní úprava 1918 - 1939

The work describes the legal development of Carpathian Ruthenia in the period 1918-1939 when this area was a part of Czechoslovakia. The introductory chapter talks briefly about the development of the area before 1918, the second chapter follows the complicated process of attachment...

Seidl, Zdeněk
Právní postavení muže a ženy dle AGBG z roku 1811 a Zákoníku o rodině z roku 1950

The diploma thesis deals with the position of men and women, their rights and obligations according to the General Civil Code of 1811 and the Act on Family Law No. 265/1949. The thesis deals with several areas in the development of these rights. These are mainly ...

Procházka, Jan
Advokacie, notářství a soudnictví na Sokolovsku v letech 1850-1938

This diploma thesis deals with advocacy, notaries and the judiciary in Sokolov region in the years 1850 - 1938. At first, the origin and development of these professions and also the general legislation in the Czech lands at that time are described. The next part of ...