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Štich, Jiří
Investiční potřeby obcí v modelových venkovských regionech

The investment needs of rural municipalities and their identification are an important part of supporting local rural development. Because of the differences between individual municipalities and their needs, this thesis tries to find both common problems and needs of both regions and t...

Šnoblová, Štěpánka
Geografické aspekty amerických prezidentských voleb 2016: případová studie Texas

Texas is a very specific state that elects Democrats on the one hand and Republicans on the other. This division is due to the proximity of the border with Mexico, where the southern part of Texas is predominantly inhabited by residents of the Hispanic ethnic group w...

Pivoňka, Martin
Analýza výsledků regionálních a lokálních politických stran v komunálních volbách Plzeňského kraje (2014 - 2018)

This bachelor thesis focuses on the results of municipal elections in the Pilsen region in 2014 and 2018. The work is divided into theoretical and empirical part. In the theoretical part we can find the conditions for holding elections. When and who can vote and be e...

Hromada, Jan
Geografické aspekty porušování lidských práv ve vybraných zemích a jeho projevy

This bachelor's thesis deals with geographical aspects which can affect the violation of human rights. To identify the degree to which human rights are violated, Freedom House's methodology, which is directly derived from The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Huntington's...

Humpál, Ondřej
Volnočasové chování vybraných skupin obyvatel města Plzně

In my bachelor's thesis I deal with the leisure behaviour of the inhabitants of the city of Pilsen. The topic is focused on the interest of spending free time in the garden in a garden settlement, as it has a very positive contribution to the mental and phys...