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Recent Submissions

Jedličková, Nikola
Vnější migrace ve střední Evropě v letech 2010 - 2020:\nl{} charakteristika, příčiny a důsledky

The thesis focused on analyzing the main factors leading to migration, such as economic, political, and environmental causes. The study presents migration routes heading to Europe, including sea routes across the Mediterranean and the terrestrial Balkan route. Within Central Europe,&...

Bričová, Alexandra
Volnočasové chování studentů středních škol v Chomutově

This bachelor's thesis is focused on the topic of Leisure behavior of secondary school students in Chomutov. The aim of the thesis is to find out how secondary school students in Chomutov spend their time, what activities and interests they prefer and whether these prefere...

Kohoutová, Lucie
Volnočasové chování studentů středních škol ve městě Klatovy

This bachelor's thesis on the topic Leisure time behavior of secondary school students in Klatovy contains a theoretical and a practical part. The theoretical part defines basic terms and information about leisure. It deals with its origin, development and subject of research. It&#x...

Hrbková, Eliška
Volnočasové chování studentů středních škol ve městě Plzeň

The topic of this bachelor's thesis is the leisure behavior of secondary school students specifically in the West Bohemian city of Pilsen. The aim of this work is to analyze how, where, and with whom secondary school students spend their leisure time and to propose so...

Komas, Michal
Zhodnocení dopadů průmyslových zón na regionální rozvoj Rokycanska

This thesis evaluates the impact of industrial zones on regional development in the Rokycany District. The aim was to identify and characterize industrial zones in the region and assess their influence on various aspects of regional development. Businesses and territories with industri...