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Onodyová, Aneta
Zaknihované cenné papíry

This rigorous work deals in more detail with the phenomenon of dematerialized security. This phenomenon has undergone considerable development in recent years, this work observes a dematerialized security across its development. The aim of the rigorous work is to analyze in detail and&#...

Teplý, Lukáš
Postavení soudního exekutora v ČR

This thesis deals with the historical circumstances leading to the origination of the institute of private court distrainors in the Czech Republic. It explains the position of the court distrainor in the Czech Republic relating to distraining, and other, activities. The professional bod...

Rudlová, Barbora
Druhy žalob v civilním procesu

his diploma thesis on "Type of Actions in Civil Process" is based mainly on professional literature and case law and is divided into two chapters. The aim of the thesis is to analyze the institute of the lawsuit, then to analyze the various types of lawsuits...

Šmejdová, Lucie
Doručování v civilním procesu

The topic of this thesis is "Service of documents in civil proceedings". The service of documents, which is an integral segment of the civil proceedings and forms a relatively large part of it, may seem to be a simple institute with no complications. On the cont...

Otavová, Tereza
Postavení soudního exekutora v civilním řízení a komparace s ostatními státy EU

The adoption of Act No. 120/2001 Coll., On Bailiffs and Execution Activities (Execution Rules) and on Amendments to Other Acts, caused the so-called double-track. It consists of the fact that the forced performance of execution activities is no longer exclusively within the jurisdi...