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Recent Submissions

Legát, Vojtěch
Rekonstrukce kondenzační turbíny na protitlakou

The thesis deals with a reconstruction of a turbine with condenser into a back pressure turbine. First of all the heat balance diagram (HBD) is calculated according to entered values. Based on the calculated HBD the flow part is designed and a basic strenght check is ...

Hudec, Ondřej
Návrh parní turbíny pro spalovny odpadů

An analysis of specific requirements for functional units resulting from the application in incineration plant with emphasis on the steam turbine. Subsequently, design of two possible variants of steam turbines is made with identical boundary conditions, but different rotor speeds. Finally, ...

Janeček, Martin
Retrofit parní turbíny 120 MW

The goal of this diploma thesis is to design retrofit of a single body steam turbine with axial exit to the condenser. To design flow section and perform strength analysis.

Švejnoha, Marek
Proudění teplonosného oleje při předehřevu lisovací formy

The aim of the thesis is to analyse a flow and heat transfer of oil during preheating of a compression mould for injection moulding. The analysis was carried out by numerical simulation. The theoretical part of the thesis discusses fluid flow and heat transfer and&...

Růžička, Patrik
Numerický a empirický výpočet průtočného množství páry \nl{}při profuku potrubí

This diploma thesis deals with the application of theory of adiabatic flow in strait pipe with constant diameter (Fanno flow) for acquirement of the flow values in real pipelines during steam blowing. The theory of steam blowing and Fanno flow was described. Analytical results ...