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Duliškovič, Josef
Testování korozní odolnosti laserových návarů na bázi měď-čedič ve specifických korozních prostředích

The diploma thesis deals with the corrosion resistance of laser cladding of copper-basalt composite layer in the enviroment of organic acrylic acids.

Dlouhá, Žaneta
Kontrola a charakteristika kalících médií

This diploma thesis is focused on the selection of a suitable quenching media and the evaluation of parameters by which this selection can be made. The target of the work is to determine parameter which best describes the quenching ability of the oil.

Procházková, Adéla
Testování korozní odolnosti heterogenního svaru

The thesis is focused on heterogeneous welded joints of ferritic-pearlitic steel and austenitic stainless steel. These connections are part of the pipelines of the steam generator of nuclear power plants, where the problem of stress corrosion cracking was found. The experimental part of...

Nováček, Petr
Vliv tepelně mechanického zpracování na mikrostrukturu a vlastnosti oceli se zvýšeným obsahem hliníku

This thesis deals with the influence of thermo - mechanical processing on the microstructure and mechanical properties of TRIP steel with higher aluminium content. Different thermo - mechanical conditions were provided to determine the influence of temperature, bainite isothermal holding and ...

Tochylin, Mykhailo
Optimalizace svařovacích parametrů technologie GMAW, pro robotické svařování pozinkovaných oceli v automobilovém průmyslu

The diploma thesis includes a case study on an applicable range of welding parameters, namely the Welding speed, Wire feed speed, and Wire target point against the base materials. Additionally, the author of the thesis suggests optimal figures of the above mentioned parameters for&...

Hervert, Tomáš
Porézní častice jako nosiče pro katalytické nanomateriály.

The aim of this work is to optimize the conditions of the preparation of floating supports of catalytic nanomaterials for the degradation of organic compounds. The resulting products are characterized using various analytical methods. After coating the porous structures with photocatalytic n...

Brázda, Michal
Vliv parametrů depozice na výsledné vlastnosti kovových komponent vytvořených pomocí metody přímé laserové depozice

The aim of the diploma thesis is to examine the impact of deposition parametres on properties of metal parts. It compares results of various testing - hardness test, micro tensile test and micro crack test. Another set of testing on deposited material follows, in particular&#x...

Janda, Tomáš
Optimalizace parametrů stabilizačního žíhání na oceli 08Ch18N10T

The work deals with the stabilization annealing of austenitic steel 08CH18N10T. Parts for the primary circuit of a nuclear reactor are produced of this steel; therefore increased yield strength at 350 ° C is necessary. The required values are achieved, inter alia, by precipitation&...

Volkmannová, Julie
Využití dilatometrie při TZ vysoce pevných ocelí.

This diploma thesis deals with the use of dilatometry for the development of heat treatment of the new experimental high-strength steels, which currently have great potential for use in the automotive industry. Dilatometric analysis was performed in this work on experimental high-stren...

Stach, Ondřej
Optimalizace robotického svařování

This work deals with the issue of dissimilar metals welds between austenitic and ferritic-pearlitic steel pipes. In the theoretical part there is described how the welding process influences the properties of the weld. The orbital welding process is also described in the theoretical...

Skopec, Martin
Zpevňování kovových materiálů metodou Laser Shock Peening (LSP)

This work is focused on detection of Laser shock peening on mechanical properties selected materials especially on fatigue. Teoretical part contains introduction to the basics of LSP and introductions to basic mechanical evaluations that are included in experimental part. The ai...

Trčka, Jan
Technologický postup výroby sonotrody pro ultrazvukové svařování.

The diploma thesis is focused on problems in the ultrasonic wellding technology, especially on welding tools - sonotrodes. The current tools are faulty and buying a new tools from used materials is very expensive. The work contains the complete technological process of production o...

Stehlík, Adam
Porovnání standardního a kryogenního tepleného zpracování nástrojové oceli

The aim of this thesis is the influence of cryogenic treatment on tool steels. The theoretical part engage with the division of conventional tool steels and maraging steels, their thermal and cryogenic processing. In the experimental part, the influence of cryogenic processing on t...

Hajšman, Jan
Vliv různého obsahu hliníku a manganu na korozivzdornost vysocepevných ocelí.

Since the high strength steels are typically used in automotive industry, the corrosion resistance represents a very important property of these materials. In recent years there is a tendency of replacing silicon with aluminum and increasing the manganese content in advanced high streng...

Peković, Michal
Možnosti zpracování kovových materiálů na zařízení HDQT-R 30-12

The diploma thesis deals with the possibilities of processing of metallic materials with the use of the device for round bars rolling. The experimental program was aimed at creating and analysing numerical simulations of this rolling method for bars, tubes and its �...

Vítovec, Vilém
Využití vybraných technik NDT při kontrole tepelného zpracování ocelí.

This diploma thesis is focused on selected NDT techniques during chemical-thermal and heat treatment control. This thesis presents also use of NDT techniques even in non-standard situations.

Šimon, Petr
Programově řízené svařování metodou MIG a TIG

The diploma thesis contains the design and solution of program-controlled technology for joining zinc coating steel by methods MIG and TIG. Processes are controlled by WeldEye and Sysweld numerical simulation.

Votava, Filip
Možnosti implementace aditivních technologií ve slévárně drobných odlitků

This thesis is focused on possible implementations of additive manufacturing technologies into the investment casting process. The aim of the work is to determine the optimal additive manufacturing technology for creating a fusible model. This aim also includes identification of ...

Forejtová, Jana
Odpady z konzumace kávy a čaje jako zdroj porézního uhlíku.

The diploma thesis contains a description of the preparation of porous carbon from coffee grounds, characterization of the final product using analytical methods and evaluation of the influence of chemical-physical activation on the parameters of the porous product.

Zmeko, Jan
Analýza precipitačních a transformačních dějů během zušlechťování u pružinové oceli

The aim of this thesis statement was to gain new knowledge about the behavior and influence of copper in medium - alloyed spring steel 42SiCr, at different temperature modes during the refining process. The experiment included measuring of hardness, microstructural analysis using light&...

Záznamy kolekce (řazeno podle Datum zaslání v sestupně pořadí): 1 až 20 z 102