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Cvrček, Jan
Koroze svařovaných konstrukcí z korozivzdorných ocelí

The thesis deals with the design, manufacture of welded joints from austenitic-ferritic stainless steel X2CrNiMoN 25-7-4. The aim of the work was to evaluate the quality of welded control samples. Control samples are evaluated by mechanical test sera - transverse tensile test, Charpy&#x...

Michálek, Pavel
Mikrobiální koroze kovů.

The goal of this thesis is to construct the device for microbial corrosion testing and to find out if microbial corrosion could break the brewery tube. The theoretical part describes corrosion, causes, mechanisms and faktors of its origin, way of protection and laboratory tes...

Mach, Josef
Hodnocení degradace materiálů dlouhodobým provozem pomocí miniaturních vzorků.

The diploma thesis will solve the problem of degradation of materials long-term operated in situations where it is not possible to look for sufficient representative material. For this purpose, corrective mechanical properties should be determined between classical and miniature test methods ...

Tittel, Jan
Testování korozní odolnosti kompozitních laserem navařených materiálů s vysokým poločasem rozpadu.

The diploma thesis deals with laser claddig of copper-basalt composite layer. It also deals with testing the corrosion resistence and with the influence of the amount of added basalt powder to the copper powder.

Rubešová, Kateřina
Chování vysokopevných ocelí při ohýbání za studena.

The diploma thesis deals with the possibility of simulation of process press hardening using thermo-mechanical simulator on high-strength martensitic steels as well as determination of suitable parameters for this processing. The work includes evaluation of microstructure and mechanical properties of&...

Kadlecová, Andrea
Analýza mikrostruktur získaných 3D tiskem.

A detailed microstructural analysis of Maraging tool steel processed by DMLS technology was carried out in this diploma thesis. The aim of this thesis was to perform material analysis of the used 3D powder of Maraging tool steel and detailed microstructural analysis of additively&#...

Coufal, Vladislav
Boridování ocelí.

The thesis will deal with the comparison of different methods of chemical-heat treatment. The main focus will be on boriding as a possible replacement for so-called hard chromating. The experimental program will consist of checking the chemical composition, hardness, abrasion resistance, cor...

Vítek, Jan
Vliv kryogenního zpracování na vlastnosti hliníkových slitin.

This thesis is focused on the effect of cryogenic treatment on structural and mechanical properties of precipitation hardening aluminum alloys.

Virágová, Pavla
Studium tenkých oxidových vrstev připravených na polymerních substrátech.

The present diploma thesis deals with the investigation of thin ZnO films on polymer flexible substrates. The films were prepared by RF magnetron sputtering on the PET substrate with thickness 0.15 mm. Main attention is paid to the two methods for characterization of fracture ...

Melzer, Daniel
Lokální mechanické vlastnosti kovových materiálů vyrobených aditivními technologiemi.

This thesis deals with evaluation of local mechanical behaviour of additively processed metallic materials by SLM and SEBM processes. Main goal is to perform mechanical tests with using of miniaturized specimens, to assess local properties. Mechanical tests are supported by fractography and&...

Vrtáček, Jiří
Vývoj technologie zpracování vysokopevných ocelí.

This thesis dissert on development of the third generation high-strength steels processing technology with two experimental materials with different aluminium content, their description of mechanical properties and microstructures, design of a tool for high-strength steels treatment and processed materials...

Němec, Josef
Příprava a charakterizace naprašovaných ZnO vrstev pro flexibilní piezogenerátor.

This thesis aims to optimize the deposition of the piezoelectric ZnO layer for use in a flexible piezo devices. There is introduction to technologies that acquire free energy from the environment and transform it into electrical energy in the introduction of this thesis. The n...

Papež, Petr
Vliv Laser Shock Peening (LSP) na mechanické vlastnosti oceli.

The work is focused on laser shock peening technology. In the first part of the thesis are described principles, influences on material, usability and economic evaluation of technology. Methods for measuring residual stresses are also described. In the experimental part, the effects of&...

Kopál, Viliam
Využití nové nedestruktivní techniky zkoušení svarových spojů kolektoru parogenerátoru VVER 1000.

The diploma thesis contains the procedure of non-destructive ultrasonic evaluation of the steam generator collector welds using the phased array technique, theoretical and practical evidence of applicability and meeting of conditions given by the nuclear power plant operator. Evidence of the ...

Melzer, Marek
Vliv cyklického zatěžování při vysokých teplotách na žáropevné vlastnosti a mikrostrukturu oceli COST F.

This thesis deals with influence of mechanical loading on microstructural changes of heat resistant high chrome steel COST F. Tests of LFC and LFC+creep at temperature 600 °C were performed. Development of chromium carbides and precipitation of Laves phase were investigated. Using quant...

Formanová, Ludmila
Vliv kryogenního zpracování na vlastnosti kovových materiálů

Aim of this master's thesis is to create higher dispersion of formed nitrides by use of cryogenic treatment in nitriding process. This should lead to better wear resistance, corrosion resistance a better toughness and hardness of nitriding layer. Use of cryogenic heat treatment ...

Jansa, Zdeněk
Vliv tepelného působení na mikrostrukturu a vlastnosti zirkoniových slitin

This thesis consist describing of zirkonium and their alloys. Also deals with the question of phase transformation with low and high-temperature exposure.especially in relation to the accident of nuclear reactors called LOCA (Loos-of-coolant-accident). Experimental program is focused on the evaluation...

Brotánek, Jan
Vliv dlouhodobého tepelného zpracování na oduhličení a mechanické vlastnosti oceli

This thesis deals with the decarburization of the poured tests of castings which are subsequently used for test samples for the mechanical properties and which are provided to custumer with required část. In the theoretical part of this thesis is given all necessary backround ...

Kotous, Jakub
Pokročilé metody tepelného zpracování pružinových ocelí

The main objective is to compare microstructures and properties of spring steel 54SiCr6 after two different types of spheroidising treatment. In the introduction, type of springs steel are characterized and descriptions are given of their heat treatment. Effects of heat treatment on the...

Černý, Jan
Optimalizace vysokorychlostního záznamu pro použití u svařovacích procesů

The master's thesis focuses on the use of high speed cameras in the field of welding. The aim is to obtain a high speed record of the welding process from the orbital welding of stainless steel tubes by the TIG method. An analysis of this welding...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 21 to 40 of 102