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Modenese, Luca , Kohout, Josef
Automated Generation of Three-Dimensional Complex Muscle Geometries for Use in Personalised Musculoskeletal Models

The geometrical representation of muscles in computational models of the musculoskeletal system typically consists of a series of line segments. These muscle anatomies are based on measurements from a limited number of cadaveric studies that recently have been used as atlases for creati...

Brychcín, Tomáš
Linear transformations for cross-lingual semantic textual similarity

Svoboda, Lukáš , Brychcín, Tomáš
Enriching Word Embeddings with Global Information and Testing on Highly Inflected language

Majdišová, Zuzana , Skala, Václav , Šmolík, Michal
Algorithm for placement of reference points and choice of an appropriate variable shape parameter for the RBF approximation

Karim, Samsul, A.A. , Saaban, Azizan , Skala, Václav
Range-Restricted Surface Interpolation Using Rational Bi-Cubic Spline Functions With 12 Parameters

Dudáček, Karel , Dudáček, Karel
Trellis-Based Postprocessing for Short Delay Measurement Using NDFT

Sido, Jakub , Konopík, Miloslav , Pražák, Ondřej
English Dataset For Automatic Forum Extraction

Jiřinec, Jakub , Rot, David , Šenkýř, Vojtěch
Measurement of indoor environment parameters in a classroom equipped with heat recovery unit

We demonstrate several ways to use morphological word analogies to examine the representation of complex words in semantic vector spaces. We present a set of morphological relations, each of which can be used to generate many word analogies. 1. We show that the difference-vectors&#...

Gabriel, František , Kursová, Lucie
Typové zařazení hradu Skála u Přeštic

Background: Protected health information burned in pixel data is not indicated for various reasons in DICOM. It complicates the secondary use of such data. In recent years, there have been several attempts to anonymize or de-identify DICOM files. Existing approaches have different const...

Včelák, Petr , Kryl, Martin , Kratochvíl, Michal , Klečková, Jana
Identification and classification of DICOM files with burned-in text content

The ability to represent the meaning of words is one of the core parts of natural language understanding (NLU), with applications ranging across machine translation, summarization, question answering, information retrieval, etc. The need for reasoning in multilingual contexts and transferring kno...

Brychcín, Tomáš , Taylor, Stephen , Svoboda, Lukáš
Cross-lingual word analogies using linear transformations between semantic spaces

The connectivity of embedded systems is increasing accompanied with thriving technology such as Internet of Things/Everything (IoT/E), Connected Cars, Smart Cities, Industry 4.0, 5G or Software-Defined Everything. Apart from the benefits of these trends, the continuous networking offers hackers&#...

Martínek, Jiří , Lenc, Ladislav , Král, Pavel
Training Strategies for OCR Systems for Historical Documents

Random Sample Consensus is a powerful paradigm that was successfully applied in various contexts, including Location Determination Problem, fundamental matrix estimation and global 3D surface registration, where many previously proposed algorithms can be interpreted as a particular implementation of t...

Conder, Marston , Estélyi, István , Pisanski, Tomaž
Vertex-transitive Haar graphs that are not Cayley graphs

The function of enzymatic proteins is given by their ability to bind specific small molecules into their active sites. These sites can often be found in pockets on a hypothetical boundary between the protein and its environment. Detection, analysis, and visualization of pockets fin...

Bokr, Josef
Preobrazovatel‘ diskretnoj informacii i pustoe slovo

Sido, Jakub , Konopík, Miloslav
Deep Learning for Text Data on Mobile Devices

With the rise of Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is becoming a significant phenomenon in our lives. As with many other powerful tools, AI brings many advantages but many risks as well. Predictions and automation can significantly help in our everyday lives. However, sending our&#x...

De, Sangita , Niklas, Michael , Rooney, Brian , Mottok, Juergen , Brada, Přemek
Towards Translation of Semantics of Automotive Interface Description Models from Franca to AUTOSAR Frameworks : An Approach using Semantic Synergies

The automotive industry is eventually evolving into a complex network of services. The heterogeneous and distributed nature of automotive software systems demands flexible software components which can operate in different environments. Because of heterogeneous automotive development environments, the doma...

Szkandera, Jakub , Kaas, Ondřej , Kolingerová, Ivana
A Clustering Approach to Path Planning for Big Groups

The paper introduces a new method of planning paths for crowds in dynamic environment represented by a graph of vertices and edges, where the edge weight as well as the graph topology may change, but the method is also applicable to environment with a different representa...

Svoboda, Lukáš , Brychcín, Tomáš
Improving Word meaning representations using Wikipedia categories

In this paper we extend Skip-Gram and Continuous Bag-of-Words Distributional word representations models via global context information. We use a corpus extracted from Wikipedia, where articles are organized in a hierarchy of categories. These categories provide useful topical information about e...

Šubelj, Lovro , Fiala, Dalibor , Ciglarič, Tadej , Kronegger, Luka
Convexity in scientific collaboration networks

Convexity in a network (graph) has been recently defined as a property of each of its subgraphs to include all shortest paths between the nodes of that subgraph. It can be measured on the scale [0, 1] with 1 being assigned to fully convex networks. The largest c...

De Falco, Ivanoe , Della Cioppa, Antonio , Giugliano, Angelo , Marcelli, Angelo , Koutný, Tomáš , Krčma, Michal , Scafuri, Umberto , Tarantino, Ernesto
A genetic programming-based regression for extrapolating a blood glucose-dynamics model from interstitial glucose measurements and their derivatives

This paper illustrates the development and the applicability of an Evolutionary Computation approach to enhance the treatment of Type-1 diabetic patients that necessitate insulin injections. In fact, being such a disease associated to a malfunctioning pancreas that generates an insufficient amoun...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 20 of 113