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Kaňaková, S. , Kottner, R. , Bońkowski, T.
Influence of elevated temperature on motorcyclist protective equipment

Muzika, Lukáš , Švantner, Michal
Flash pulse phase thermography for a paint thickness determination

The contribution describes a fast contactless measurement of a paint thickness nonuniformity using flash pulse thermography. Specimens sprayed by a paint were thermally excited by a flash lamp and temperature responses were recorded by an infrared camera. The recorded sequences were post-pro...

Hruška, Matěj , Vostřák, Marek
Vliv řízené oxidace oceli EN 10083-2: C45 na absorpci NIR záření

An increase in surface absorptivity can be helpful with a number of laser heat treatment processes. Absorptivity can be increased by, for example, absorption coating or surface oxidation. The method of controlled laser oxidation was developed after a series of experiments. A scanning&#x...

Hruška, Matěj , Tesař, Jiří , Vostřák, Marek , Smazalová, Eva
Vliv povrchové oxidace materiálu na absorpci laserového záření

This study examines the influence of surface condition on its interaction with a laser beam. The relation was tested on milled C45 steel samples with a different width of created oxide layer. The milled surface with roughness 1.6 was modified by the creation of oxide laye...

Houdková Šimůnková, Šárka , Šperka, Petr , Repka, M. , Martan, Jiří , Moskal, Denys
Laserové texturování pro kluzná ložiska

The laser surface texturing (LST) technologies, based on creation of micro-pattern with pre-defined geometry can positively influence both the friction and wear of tribo-elements. In practice, the integration of LST technology is often limited due to its slowness. The new method, so cal...

Tesař, Jiří , Skála, Jiří , Švantner, Michal , Novák, Matyáš
Online vyhodnocení meze únavy materiálu s využitím infračervené termografie

Mechanical testing and cyclic fatigue testing belong to the important material examinations. Standard fatigue testing is mostly time-consuming and needs a number of identical samples that makes the testing expensive. Infrared thermography as a noncontact method of temperature measurement is used&...

Švantner, Michal , Franc, Aleš , Tesař, Jiří , Skála, Jiří
Inspekce ochranných skel laserových hlav pomocí aktivní termografie

Industrial lasers are an expanding technology of welding and other materials processing. Lasers with optical scanning heads are often used, as these provide more versatility, accuracy, and speed. The output part of the scanning head is covered by a protective glass, which might get...

Smazalová, Eva , Houdková-Šimůnková, Šárka
Potenciál snímání EA při hodnocení indentační lomové houževnatosti.

In this study, an attempt is made to characterize the brittleness of the material by crack formation with the Vickers indenter. To assess the critical load, the sensor of AE signal was used. After preliminary tests on a silica glass, the methodology was applied to HVOF&#x...

Moskal, Denys , Martan, Jiří , Kučera, Martin , Houdková-Šimůnková, Šárka , Kromer, Robin
Pikosekundové laserové čištění povrchu AM1 superslitiny

Laser scanning processing of nickel-based superalloy AM1 surfaces by ultra-short pulses (10 ps) is introduced as a cleaning and deoxidation postprocess. The laser cleaning is investigated with two-directional surface scanning by a laser beam with several frequencies of pulse generation. The ...

Vostřák, Marek , Hruška, Matěj , Houdková-Šimůnková, Šárka , Smazalová, Eva
Coaxial laser cladding of internal diameter

The paper summarizes the result of laser cladding experiments design to observe the influence of the mutual angle of the cladding head and treated sample. The system, combining solid state disc laser with power up to 5.3 kW and cladding head with coaxial powder feeding, w...

Hruška, Matěj , Tesař, Jiří , Vostřák, Marek , Smazalová, Eva
Vliv změny optických vlastností povrchu na absorpci laserového záření

This study examines the relation between surface condition and its response to interaction with a laser. The surface character is modified by the creation of oxide layer. The oxide layers were created by solid state pulsed laser that is mostly used for industrial marking. The&...

Houdková-Šimůnková, Šárka , Vostřák, Marek , Česánek, Zdeněk
Vliv procesních paramerů na mikrostrukturu WC-NiCrBSi laserového návaru

Laser cladding is a progressive technology enabling to deposit coatings in thickness higher than 1 mm. In comparison with the conventional overwelds it offers the advantage of thinner heat-affected zone in the substrate material and lower and better controlled inner residual stress and&...

Moskal, Denys , Martan, Jiří , Smazalová, Eva , Houdková-Šimůnková, Šárka
Vliv stavu povrchu na výsledek laserového povrchového texturovaní

Laser surface texturing (LST) is one of the methods for obtaining surfaces with specific properties. In this paper the influence of initial surface state of sliding bearing steel on laser texturing of this material was studied. Initial surface with roughness R_a = 0.13 µm was&...

Collection's Items (Sorted by Submit Date in Descending order): 1 to 13 of 13