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Kvapilová, Martina
Analýza spotřeby vod a jejich následné využití

The diploma thesis deals with the analysis of the consumption of gray wastewater and the need for the white water in a residential building and in an administrative building. The work is divided into a theoretical part - where this issue is approached and a practical ...

Grossová, Zuzana
Ověření a rozbor materiálových charakteristik povlakových krytin

The diploma thesis deals with the verification and analysis of the material characteristics of flat surfaced roof materials. The theoretical part of the work is devoted to the division and analysis of flat surfaced roof materials, their classification into basic groups and finding ...

Jakeš, Pavel
Analýza ocelových hal v systému PREON s porovnáním u konvečních způsobů výstavby ocelových hal

The diploma thesis deals with the possibilities of selecting a static concept for predetermined conditions and the consequences of selecting individual variants. The point of this work is to point out how the choice of construction system affects other subsequent constructions&#...

Šmíd, Karel
Vliv tuhnutí betonu na vývoj tlaku v bednění

The presented diploma thesis is focused on the analysis of cement properties - determination of the beganning and end of setting time with Vicat´s device´s help. To determine the different temperatures affect results in pressure development on vertical formwork structure.

Fleissigová, Kateřina
Tesařské spoje historické a novodobé, analýza a jejich srovnání

The aim of the diploma thesis was to analyze the carpentry joints historical and used today. Furthermore, to select and manufacture models of typical joints used in different times, to have them experimentally tested in the laboratory for their maximum shear strength. The res...