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Steinbach, Václav
Periodická řešení mechanických soustav s nelinearitami

With each new day our sun rises and sets. This event has definitely happened today and hopefully will happen tomorrow. The regularity of this event makes it predictable and reliable. This regularity is called periodicity, and the period of time over which the repetition of...

Kortišová, Tereza
Reakce moderní výstavby na současnou energetickou situaci

The introductory part of the master's thesis deals with the evaluation of key factors that have influenced the current energy situation. Within this analysis, it examines how people respond to the energy crisis and what their most common steps are in relation ...

Macánová, Jana
Dřevěný kontejner pro modulární výstavbu

The subject of this Diploma thesis is about a wooden container designed its optimization for modular construction. The thesis also includes the thermal assessment of the compositions and the static assessment of the supporting elements. Each part of this diploma's thesis was p...

Zelenka, Petr
Stavební a finanční analýza konstrukčních systémů obytných budov

The thesis focuses on the study of structural systems in residential buildings. The theoretical part, various structural systems are analyzed, including their advantages and limitations. The practical part of the thesis involves conducting calculations for selected structural systems in order to&...

Majerník, Štěpán
Variantní studie odkanalizování obce do 250 ekvivalentních \\ obyvatel, analýza válcové nádrže

The topic of this diploma thesis was the processing of a variant study of the sewerage of the municipality. As part of the study, which includes the current and proposed state, the project documentation of the technical background for the central sewage treatment plant, which&...